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Modern and cheerful, old-world and cultured, it is an essential destination for all boating lovers.
Thanks to its landscapes and privileged location to the south of the Balkans, Greece is a leading destination for boat and yacht rental, both with or without a crew.  The Ionian Sea and Aegean Sea will never cease to amaze you with their thousands of kilometres of coastline and hundreds of islands. Our itineraries constantly evolve so you may discover something new each time. The Saronic Gulf, the Sporades archipelago, the Cyclades archipelago, the islands of the Ionian Sea, or the Dodecanese archipelago, the coastline of the Peloponnese…there is an infinite choice of opportunities to help you to get away from it all. Each region has its own specific features, its own traditions. Thanks to its mild climate and the Meltemi, a strong, dry wind which blows over the Aegean Sea, Greece is the perfect playground for sailing lovers. Historical, natural or leisure stopovers…Greece offers many treasures and will never cease to amaze you.   See the boats WITH OR WITHOUT A SKIPPER in GREECE See the boats WITH CREW in GREECE  

Sailing areas for this destination

destination_sailingarea Athenes
Owing to their beauty and their proximity to Athens, the islands in the Saronic Gulf are a dream destination for a lively and/or a relaxing cruise.
destination_sailingarea Dodecanese
Discover the charming and mysterious Dodecanese Islands. Be amazed by their cultural and historic treasures.
destination_sailingarea The cyclades
Let the Meltemi wind guide you around the amazing labyrinth of the Cyclades. Between two heavenly anchorage spots, come and enjoy the hustle and bustle and the good mood which fills every small, traditional port.
destination_sailingarea Ionian sea
An essential stopover between the Adriatic and the Aegean Sea, your cruise in the Ionian islands will lead you to the crossroads of Mediterranean culture and to the heart of its medieval history and its lush natural environment.
destination_sailingarea Sporades
In the heart of the Aegean Sea, the Sporades are a true haven of peace. With almost uninhabited islands and marine reserves, sailing here is a truly pleasurable experience.