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A schooner is a wooden Turkish boat. It is mainly found for rent on the coasts of Turkey, Greece and Croatia.

Equipped with 1 to 2 masts and a powerful engine, it mixes the pleasure of wind sailing with the comfort of motor navigation. This boat is ideal for navigating from anchorage to anchorage along the coasts of the Mediterranean basin.

The interior was designed with your comfort in mind, with spacious cabins equipped with a private bathroom and even individual air conditioning in the most luxurious schooners.

On the decks, the large relaxation spots and the exterior lounge are an invitation to spend lazy hours under the sun, interrupted only by dips in the sea.

Average capacity: 8 to 22 beds


  • The crew members are always included in the rental price. Their number depends on the size, number of cabins and rank of the schooner.
  • Port or customs taxes (particularly between Greece and Turkey) are not always included in the rental price.
  • Likewise, board is never included in the price.