sailing catamaran rental

Large and stable, a catamaran is the best choice in terms of comfort and living space. A roomy cockpit and high ceilings allow you to move about comfortably.

Thanks to its 2 hulls, the catamaran glides to dock, avoiding rough bumps that can affect those who have not yet acquired their sea legs. You can move around on the deck or cook in complete safety, even while sailing!

The catamaran drifts as close to the beach as possible thanks to its weak draft. Navigating from cove to cove along the Caribbean coasts becomes child's play.

Average capacity: 4 to 14 beds


  • For the same capacity, renting a sailboat is less expensive than renting a catamaran.
  • Its definite advantages are space and stability, making it ideal for navigating with your family.
  • With 2 hulls and 2 motors, the catamaran is powerful and easy to manoeuvre.
  • Its trampoline is a must for children who will love to play on it, and for naps under the sun.