gulet rental

Cruising on a yacht combines refinement, prestige and elegance. You will find a top-notch service to answer your most demanding needs aboard.

The captain, cook and hostess are at your service. Comfort and relaxation are the main priorities on board.

Yachts of all sizes are equipped for entertainment all day and night during your stay.

Choose the good life with a sailboat or power and speed with motor yachts. The charm of wood or modern lines. There are all types of yachts: from the most simple to the most luxurious.

Average capacity: All capacities


  • Let yourself go: everything is taken care of.
  • An APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) of 20 to 30% of the rental price, generally offered as all-inclusive, must be added to prices for all fees related to your expenses (port fees, fuel, dining, beverages…)
  • Yachts have a catchment area and can thus adapt their itinerary to suit your requirements, including departure and arrival ports.