Indonesia, a marine paradise

Indonesia is a country where different cultures and people live in one of the most fascinating archipelagos in the world. Rent your boat in Indonesia and set out to discover its 17,000 islands and the breathtaking landscapes. Each of the islands is an original experience to be discovered.

Indonesia is much more than just a country, the archipelago stretches more than 5,000 km from east to west and 1,700 km to the north and south of the equator. On the large island of Java, discover the magical universe of volcanoes and temples. In Bali, set out to discover the enchanting landscapes of rice paddies and golden sand beaches. In Komodo, meet monitor lizards. There are so many things to discover in Indonesia! Your holidays in Indonesia will bring you closer to the origins of the world. The archipelago offers a luxuriant plant and animal life, as well as a breathtaking relief.

Discover these extraordinary landscapes aboard one of our boats and create unforgettable memories. Indonesia is a country where history, ancient temples and traditions come together. To the east, the Sunda islands, to the west Sumatra, then Java and Borneo. The Maluku Islands to the east, with the main islands of Halmahera to the north and Seram at the centre. And the Aru islands and Tanimbar islands to the south, not to mention the Rajat Ampat islands, the main islands of which are Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati, Misool, a major scuba diving spot. A boat trip will allow you to visit each island in a different manner. You will be able to scuba dive in the translucent waters that reveal the beauty of the underwater world.

You will be able to stop off at the white fine sand beaches or surf at the thousands of well-known and less well-known spots in the archipelago. The sunsets on these paradisiac beaches will delight romantic souls. You will also be able to enjoy an exceptional setting of waterfalls, volcanoes, fine sand beaches. Your boat will transport you to a myriad of paradisiac islands.

Sailing in Indonesia from Bali

Several itineraries are possible, for example departing from the island of Bali. Head for Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores and, finally, Komodo. You can create the itinerary of your choice, From May to October, Bali is sunny and promises easy sailing.

Bali brings together all the major elements of a successful holiday: beautiful white sand beaches, magnificent volcanic mountains, lush forests and hills covered with rice paddies and, of course, the legendary kindness of the local population.

Places to visit in Indonesia

There are so many magical places in Indonesia that it is impossible to mention them all. Here is our Coolsailing selection.

On some islands, such as Gili Air, surrounded by turquoise waters and lined with white sand beaches and coconut trees, enjoy some snorkelling or scuba diving. You will be able to tour the island in 2 hours and visit the turtle sanctuary. This magnificent island is surrounded by multicoloured coral reefs inhabited by clownfish and turtles. Gilai Air is part of the three Gili islands, between Bali and Lombok. It is a key tourism site in the region for its marine life and its beaches.

Do you want to discover an original destination? Flores island is for you. There, you will find magnificent deserted beaches, the Kelimutu volcano, the traditional villages around the village of Bajawa, and the magnificent Kanawa island. When you visit Flores island, you will have the opportunity to meet the local population, understand their culture and traditions and learn more about their way of life. You will be able to discover the bay of Maumere, which shelters beautiful beaches and diving spots as well as fishing villages.

On the island of Komodo, you will be able to see the famous (and ancient) Komodo dragons, or more precisely the Komodo monitor, and enjoy a hike with a ranger, and also access some magnificent beaches, volcanoes and amazing diving spots. Komodo also has a very rich marine life. You will find turtles, dolphins and no fewer than 250 species of coral and tropical fish. There are many sites to visit and the excursions will keep you busy between dives.

In the Malaku islands, the Banda islands are surrounded by coral gardens where you will find an incredible underwater world.

In Sumatra, near the island of Weh, you will see huge fish and gorgons living below the surface of the water. You will also find manta rays, lionfish and moray eels around Long Angen.

In Sulawesi, on the island of Bunaken, you will find more than 300 species of fish and coral. It is one of the regions in the world with the highest concentration of marine invertebrates, a place that is (almost) unique in the world, the same as Raja Ampat in Papua to the east of the archipelago.

We have a selection of boats in Indonesia ranging from monohulls to catamarans, including traditional Indonesian vessels. Together, we will create the itinerary of your dreams. Wait no longer.

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