A country that has always seduced humans:

A natural border between two worlds, the Pacific and the Atlantic, surrounded by Colombia to the south and Costa Rica to the north , Panama is a paradise that offers many promises of escapism. Already a strategic site since the great period of piracy, Panama later became the express ticket for large commercial convoys with its canal. With its magnificent setting, its exceptional climate, its own specific identity, this Central American country has always attracted people, especially sailors with its canal that connects two oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic, offering many exceptional sailing areas.

The winds of Panama in your sails

The middle of January to the middle of April is the dry season. This period, is called "El Verano". It is the best time to visit Panama. The humidity and heat is much less suffocating than during the rainy season. However, there is a downside: The number of visitors and prices are at their highest. The rainy season, also called the "Green Season", runs from May to December. During this period, there are frequent storms and heavy downpours, especially in the afternoon. However, the mornings and evenings often benefit from sunny outbreaks. Whatever the season, Panama is protected from cyclones all the year round, something that is highly unusual in tropical regions.

The main difficulty with sailing in Panama, for example in the San Blas archipelago, is the lack of very precise maps, combined with the abundance of submerged coral reefs that are difficult to spot. Thus, it is not advised to place your entire faith in your GPS, especially when the weather is stormy. However, when the weather is calm and clear, it is possible to sail without instruments. Nevertheless, it is recommended to refer to the Zydler guide, which offers great advice whether it is for entries and exits via specific channels or the best mooring spots and their depths! Despite everything, it is relatively easy to sail in these waters, much more so than in other regions. Depths of less than 6 metres are rare, even non-existent, unless of course close to certain mooring places. In interior channels, depths usually vary between 9 m and 30 m. There are generally sudden changes in depths in the cayes, therefore, deep-draught vessels are not necessarily more penalised than others boats.

A world of Archipelagos

Blessed by nature, the 365 coral islands in San Blas archipelago in the Caribbean Sea are unique of their kind. Do not expect to find large towns and mass tourism there, but rather small local villages concerned to protect their environment, culture and traditions. There is nothing better for recharging your batteries, far from the stress of everyday life. Only 60 islands out of the 365 are inhabited by humans, who have adapted brilliantly to the magnificent environment worthy of your greatest dreams of escapism. Hire your boat online with Coolsailing and immerse yourself in an incredible and authentic setting.

Be guided by the local residents and discover the hidden corners of this earthly paradise: Visit the wreck a few metres off the beach of Perro island, and realise your dream of living like Robinson Crusoe for a short period on Pelicano island, savour the local cuisine in a unique setting on Chichime island! Everything is possible in San Blas. However, beware: Some of these islands are protected by indigenous tribes, in particular the Kuna who can be found on these islands scattered like pearls around these turquoise waters for centuries. To avoid any complications during your stay in the San Blas archipelago, we recommend that you seek information about zones that the local inhabitants have prohibited to motorboats.

With a boat hire, enjoy a unique experience: Walk along the sandbanks, with your feet in the translucent water, for example on Diablo island in Cayos Limones, famous for the clarity of its waters, where you are certain to stumble upon some starfish, sea urchins or even dolphins. In short, underwater world at your feet! Sail without instruments among the islands and be transported by the beauty of the surroundings. However, if you want to get around the archipelago quickly and easily, you can call for a water taxi that is not only handy for getting from one island to another, but also which offer very good advice about things to do in the region.

Panama, the capital, is located a few hours from the archipelago. You will have to get to the coast and then take one of the famous 4WD taxis that will transport you to the city centre. There, you will find one of the most beautiful fish markets in all Southern America, with a wealth of exotic species. You will also be able to admire the Centennial Bridge and, above all, the masterpiece that has become a tribute to human perseverance: the Panama Canal, which lies behind a large part of the country's history, and which you can even cross!

Bathed by the same blue waters of the Caribbean Sea as San Blas, the Boca del Toro archipelago, to the northwest of the country will also seduce you during a stopover on a cruise. Comprising nine main islands, 200 small islands and 52 sandbanks, you are certain to find your own little corner of paradise there: Set out to meet the Teribe indigenous tribe and discover their traditional way of life, visit the national marine park of the Bastimentos islands, a series of islands which forms one of the most beautiful protected ecosystems in Central America, surf the waves of Colon island or rest on a magnificent gold sand beach at Bocas del Drago. You will not have time to get bored!

The archipelago of Las Perlas lies on the Pacific coast. To reach it, just take the Panama canal and visit the third archipelago in the Gulf of Panama. Comprising 39 tropical islands and more than a 100 deserted islands, it takes its name from the abundance of pearls that could be found on its islands hundreds of years ago. Need some more reasons to go there? The 50-carat Peregrine pearl, currently worth $11 million, one of the largest pearls in the world, was found there and offered to the King of Spain Philip II.

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