Sailing area: Montenegro

Welcome to Montenegro, a country located in the Balkans in southern Europe, the name of which literally means "Black Mountain",  A neighbour of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania, it is the smallest of the former Yugoslavian republics. Montenegro offers 293 km of coastline on the Adriatic Sea. With picture postcard landscapes and amazing viewpoints, above all, Montenegro has one major asset: Kotor Bay, considered to be the southernmost fjord in Europe that allows boats to sail 28 km inland.
The country is divided into two parts: a picturesque maritime coast to the south, and a mountainous region to the north. The maritime coast comprises many well-preserved picturesque villages, such as Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its unique architecture marked by the Venetian influence as well as Austrian Baroque. It takes just two hours to travel from the sea to the mountains.
With your boat rental, set out to discover the enchanting landscapes of Montenegro.

Sailing in Montenegro

During your cruise in Montenegro, several routes are available from Dubrovnik in Croatia: Kolocep, Lokrum, Kavtat, Kotor Bay, it is up to you to create the itinerary of your choice. For the very best conditions, Coolsailing recommends that you travel between May and June. In the summer, the weather conditions are good, but it is extremely hot. Also, the ports and mooring spots are very busy at this time of year. The country is sunny and promises you a beautiful cruise in an original region. Montenegro offers everything you need for a successful holiday.

Places to visit in Montenegro


The town of Kotor is definitely one of the most attractive in Montenegro. Nestling among the mountains, discover a great treasure around the Boka of the same name. At the end of the 12th century, the town developed to become one of the largest trading ports in the Adriatic. Its ramparts surround Saint John's Fort. It is the old town that is the most attractive and shows signs of many ancient, Italian and Slav influences. The Cathedral of Saint Tryphon is a must when in Kotor. Saint Mary's Church is an intuitive combination of Romanesque and Byzantine styles. Kotor is well worth a visit for its citadel which dominates the old town although it does take a long time to climb to the top.


Perast is a UNESCO World Heritage site that offers Baroque architecture.  Two islands lie off the coast of the town: St. George and Our Lady of the Rocks. Saint George island is a natural island to the right of which lies an artificial island called Our Lady of the Rocks. It is the only artificial island on the Adriatic coast, built in 1452 by the inhabitants of Perast.

The island of Our Lady of the Rocks

On a small reef where, according to legend, a very sick sailor was miraculously cured after finding an icon of the Virgin, the inhabitants of Perast decided to build a 3,000 m² artificial island as well as a church. The cathedral, called Our Lady of the Rocks, is dedicated to sailors and sea captains and has more than two thousand ex-voto offered by sailors. Families used to make these offerings to beseech the Virgin to bring their sons home safe and sound from sea journeys. This island is not inhabited but the church is still open. Masses are celebrated there every week as well as several weddings.


Tivat is a very popular seaside resort where people enjoy recharging their batteries and taking advantage of the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic. Don't miss the city's Botanical Garden: This park is the pride of the village and will delight you.


This is the main port in Montenegro: Located on the shores of the Adriatic, Bar may not be the most attractive town but it is, nevertheless, a seaside resort that is worth the detour. Take a day to admire the shores of Skadar Lake, one of the largest lakes in the Balkan region, and watch more than 250 species of birds in the large marshy ornithological reserve. From Bar, you can also travel to Italy via the direct ferry service to Bari.
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The ports in this sailing area

Bar, Budva, Kotor, Tivat ...


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