Sailing area: Northern Dalmatia


Northern Dalmatia

Dalmatia is a coastal region of Croatia and stretches for 350 km along the Adriatic coast.

Sailing the Croatian coast

When you sail in Northern Dalmatia, you will see the landscapes change and notice that some parts of the coast are uninhabitable because of the bora wind that blows there in winter. When you are sailing, it is important to take account of the currents which can be strong as 1 to 2 knots. Even if the weather is relatively settled, the wind can suddenly start to blow very strongly. This effect is much more noticeable in Northern Dalmatia owing to the relief of the islands. The Croatian climate is Mediterranean, namely hot and dry in the summer and relatively mild in the winter, which makes sailing easy throughout the year. These regions offer an ancient cultural and natural heritage. Discover the treasures of Zadar, Ugljan, Sukosan, and Biograd by sea. 

Places to visit

Offering a collection of historic towns, magnificent landscapes, limpid waters, rugged mountains and islands bathed by the sun, a temperate climate and excellent cuisine, Northern Dalmatia is a privileged destination for holidaymakers. Before embarking, we suggest you visit the town of Zadar, starting with a tour of the old neighbourhood with its houses and narrow streets that will remind you of Greece. Enjoy lunch on Narodni central square and visit the local open-air market where you will find fresh and colourful produce! On the seafront, you will find reminders of the war. Continue to Saint-Donat church and visit the Captain's tower that dates from the 13th century, as well as the Romanesque Saint Anastesia's Cathedral and finish your excursion with the sea organ. At the end of the afternoon, when it's time for an evening drink, make your way along Zadar beach and enjoy the sunset as you sip a glass at one of the many terraces before setting sail for Ugljan.
Ugljan in the Zadar archipelago is known as the green island and is covered with a dense vegetation of pines, olive trees, fig trees and vines. It is also an island that has a tradition of olive farming and fishing. It has many beautiful beaches as well as many small hidden coves. Sail in the limpid waters in a protected natural setting. You will also discover a few beaches with shallow water that are ideal for families and children, such as Mostir beach in the centre of Ugljan. Do not miss the very beautiful cove of Luka that is surrounded by pine trees, Cinta cove, surrounded by sheer rocks, Suha cove surrounded by sand and vegetation and, finally, the hotel beach where you will be able to enjoy some pedal-boating and kayak. Nature lovers will be able to take beautiful walks along the paths, or do some cycling. Diving enthusiasts will be delighted to discover the treasures of the seabed. Next, set your sights on Sukosan!
Stop off in Sukosan, you will find charming sand and pebble beaches where you will be able to sunbathe, do some water-skiing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, diving and surfing. The boldest will be tempted by some rafting on the Zrmanja river. Food lovers will be able to savour the local delicacies thanks to the many bars, restaurants, taverns where you can enjoy the Dalmatian spirit. Do not miss Kornati National Park. You will be able to sail around this maze of islands and visit them and stop off whenever you fancy a refreshing swim. Scuba diving enthusiasts will be able to admire the underwater world in a preserved setting.
Make a final stopover in Biograd, a haven for holidaymakers. It is a dream destination for a rich and interesting stay where you can enjoy many excursions, sailing, swimming, water sports, fishing and cycling.  Biograd Na Moru is known above all for its sailing centre, a huge marina that is able to welcome up to 1,000 boats.  Its sandy beaches, its picturesque coves and its crystal-clear water are just some of Biograd's many assets.
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Worth knowing/Advice

Destination is accessible for boating beginners It is possible to mix long stopovers with short hops Numerous secluded anchorages The Zadar Airport is open to low-cost flights during the summer

The ports in this sailing area

Betina, Biograd, Brbinj, Murter, Novalja-Pag, Novi Vinodolski, Petrčane, Punat, Rijeka, Sukosan, Tribunj, Ugljan, Zadar ...


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When to travel?

The best period to set sail in the Croatian coast is between April and September: Spring time tends to be the best period; the month of September is less busy and still offers mild temperatures.


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5-20 knots


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