Sailing area : Northern corsica

Sailing area: Northern Corsica


Northern Corsica

The main ports in Northern Corsica are Bastia, Calvi and Macinaggio. Departing from the western ports of Calvi or Ile Rousse, the coast is characterised by sheer rocky cliffs, recognisable by their red colour. You will easily be able to reach the most beautiful sites on the Corsican coast, such as the Scandola nature reserve, Girolata, the Agriates desert and Balagne. Northern Corsica is an enormous playground for the amateur yachtsman. It is distinguished by its unspoilt nature, wild mooring places, pleasant climate, well-equipped ports and its unique coves.

Sailing in Northern Corsica

The best time of year to travel to Corsica is between May and October. From Bastia sail to Macinaggio, île Rousse and, finally, Calvi.

Places to visit

Before embarking, take time to visit Bastia and its historic sites, such as the Palace of the Governors of Bastia built in 1380. Then, visit the old port, a must in the town, and enjoy a coffee or a drink at one of the restaurants there. Also, do not forget to try the local cuisine! You will not regret it! Discover the old Place du Marché, formerly called Place du Théâtre. If by chance you go there at the weekend, you will find many farmers, florists and fishermen who will offer you the very best produce on the island. When you visit this neighbourhood, you will be immersed into an authentic Corsican atmosphere which has preserved all its originality.
Near the town centre, you will find Scala Santa Chapel, one of the few that still has holy steps, a symbol held only by the main centres of Christianity. This was obtained in the time of Napoleon.
Bastia also owes its beauty to the surrounding natural environment. Be sure to visit the Biguglia Nature Reserve, which is a must that brings together more than 250 species of birds and about 350 types of plant in an area covering more than 1,450 hectares.
Bastia also has some great hiking sites, including the one in Nebbio, the Saint Maria de Lota walk and the tip of Cap Corse. During your walks you will find many intriguing remains and enjoy clear views over the Mediterranean and the picturesque mountains! Then set your sights on Macinaggio.
On land or on water, Macinaggio offers the guarantee of pleasant holidays, beautiful beaches, monuments to visit and many different activities. Near the Natura 2000 site you will find Rogliano Macinaggio marina and Tamina military port, as well as the old windmills watched closely by the Genoan towers that dominate the coast. Also, do not miss a visit to the Castles of Castellu and San Colombo near Rogliano. All that remains of these buildings with a rich past are ruins. Hiking enthusiasts will want to heed the call of the custom's path that runs along the coast between Macinaggio and the Port of Centuri.
Macinaggio offers many water sport activities, including inflatable games for children, snorkelling outings, scuba diving and motorised water sports.
After this, continue to Ile Rousse where everything invites you to discovery and admiration, the magnificent parks, the charming villages, and the golden sand beaches. You will be enchanted by so much splendour. Visit the villages of Balagne, including Pigna, one of the prettiest, and Corbora, a religious centre. Do not miss the Treasure Museum at the Collegiate or the Guy Savelli Museum and the Saleccia botanical park which has plants from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and California.
Stop off in Calvi, the capital of Balagne, a must when visiting northern Corsica. With its paradisiac white sand beaches, its golf course surrounded by imposing mountains, its rich history and heritage, it is a destination not to be missed! Be sure to pay a visit to the citadel neighbourhood in Calvi, the stage for battles between the former local lords. Calvi citadel dominates the town from its rocky outcrop and offers an incredible view! Then, continue your visit through the steep narrow streets lined with typical houses. The lower town has many paved streets. Quai Landry is very lively and you will find many restaurants and souvenir shops there.
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Worth knowing/Advice

The rocky inlets of Piana (UNESCO) The Scandola Nature Reserve Ile Rousse Saint Florent and Cap Corse The Calanques of Piana The Gulf of Porto  

The ports in this sailing area

Bastia, Calvi, Macinaggio ...


To sail in Corsica you will need: An up-to-date sailing resume 

When to travel?

  • In July and August, winds head mainly North-North-West
  • Wildly varying winds


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10-12 knots


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