Sailing area : Southern corsica

Sailing area: Southern corsica


Southern Corsica

As its name suggests, southern Corsica is located in the southern part of the island. The main ports in this area are Ajaccio, Propiano, Porto Vecchio. You will discover breathtaking landscapes there with cliffs that fall directly into the sea. The climate is Mediterranean, namely hot and dry in the summer and mild and wet in the winter.

Sailing in Southern Corsica

The best time of year to travel to southern Corsica with your boat hire is between May and October. From Ajaccio, make your way towards Propriano, Figari, Bonifacio and, finally, Porto Vecchio. This region of Corsica is windy and the Siroccu and Libecciu winds blow in the south, therefore we recommend that you opt for a Coolsailing sailboat for your cruise.

Places to visit in Southern Corsica

Ajaccio is located between the sea and the mountains and offers breathtaking landscapes and a very specific way of life. In the picturesque old town, discover the Fesh Museum and its impressive collection of Italian paintings, then visit the Bonaparte Museum and, finally, Santa Maria Assunta church that dates from the Renaissance. You will also be able to take advantage of the magnificent beaches with their translucent waters and golden sand and stunning backdrop of mountains. You will also find the Scandola Nature Reserve, a marine and land reserve which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. In Ajaccio, you will also find the Parata tower on the exceptional site of the "Sanguinaires" islands that can be visited with your boat hire. Not to mention the only casino on the island in Ajaccio, as well as the Capitellu Museum that retraces the history of the town. Once your visit is over, set your sights on Propriano.
Propriano is lined with fine sand beaches, amazing coves, and a luxuriant natural environment. It is a typical stopover where you will be able to take advantage of a famous seaside resort. Swim in the limpid waters and enjoy some water-skiing, wakeboarding and jet skiing. You will also be able to try your hand at tuna fishing and enjoy some horse-riding along the beach. Discover Campomoro beach, with its white sand and turquoise waters, where you will be able to enjoy some water sports. Take a walk and admire the natural environment and translucent waters. On land, pay a visit to some archaeological sites, such as Filitosa, Calzola-Castelluciu and the u Cantuu Menhir, all of which will never fail to amaze you. Continue towards Figari.
Figari is a magical town with the landscape of a tropical island, a turquoise lagoon, golden sand beaches and rocks that form a magnificent well-preserved landscape. In addition to swimming and diving, you will be able to enjoy long walks in the Domaine de laTesta that covers 3,000 hectares among the rocks and offers sweeping views over the sea. You will also be able to enjoy being in such a windy area to try kitesurfing.
Bonifacio is the jewel of southern Corsica, surrounded by limpid waters and high cliffs. It offers an extraordinary landscape! Enjoy strolling around the old town that offers its visitors an incredible view over the town and the sea. Walk down the 187 steps of the King Aragon staircase and admire the beauty of the sea from close quarters. For a few euros, the Bastion de l’Etendard offers a clear view over the port and the cliffs. With your boat hire, cruise along the coast and discover authentic natural landscapes and try some kayaking and the chance to discover the coast from a different angle. You will also discover the caves of Bonifacio where you can also visit the limestone cliffs. Not far away, you will find the Lavezzi Islands, which you can visit by boat and where you can stop off for a picnic.
In Porto Vecchio, you will find the most beautiful beaches in Corsica. Stop off at Palombaggia for a swim and take advantage of the crystal-clear water. Admire the fish during a snorkelling or scuba diving session and then stop off at Santa Guilia for some jet skiing. Admire the citadel from the port, then enter the town and admire the picturesque architecture. Do not miss Saint Jean Baptiste Church, the largest church in Corsica that offers an interior decorated with many works of art. Then, order a cocktail at one of the many bars in the area and enjoy your evening.
For your cruise in southern Corsica, Coolsailing offers several ranges of boats for hire. Do not hesitate to contact us, our teams will be happy to help you to find the boat of your dreams!

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The ports in this sailing area

Ajaccio, Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio, Propriano, Solenzara ...


To sail in Corsica: Update sailing resume - You will need a boating licence in Italy


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