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Destination: The North of Europe 

Destination northern Europe: a trip full of surprises


Are you looking for diversity? Sail towards the northern countries ! 

From Scandinavia and Finland to the Netherlands and Belgium until the British islands, the northern Europe concentrates a large variety of countries which distinguish themselves by their specific demographics and landscapes. Set up your boat hire in Northern Europe with Coolsailing and sail to the countries of your choice like Germany, Finland, Lithuania or to Norway to admire the aurora borealis. 


A getaway to the northern countries

The Northern Europe 


The Northern Europe incorporates countries where Scandinavian and Finnic languages are the official languages like in Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway.

In Denmark you can enjoy the energy of the big cities like Copenhagen, Aarhus or Odense as well as the beauty and calm of nature in the forests, dunes, lakes and magnificent beaches bordered by enormous cliffs.

Sweden, from Stockholm over Uppsala to Gävle, as well as Norway from Oslo until Leknes will enchant you with their traditional cuisine, their Viking folklore, the aurora borealis, the midnight sun and of course with the fjords, real works of art created by nature. 

Those countries are a paradise become reality for nature lovers and will delight you with their breadth without any limits. In winter you have the opportunity to make some activities that are just out of the ordinary like dog sledding.  


Your odyssey in Norway will take you to the Faroe Islands as well, an extraordinary archipelago made of 18 main islands, which is located on the way to Iceland between the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Your boat hire in northern Europe will also take you to Finland, where the impressive fauna and flora is surrounded by the Gulf of Bothnia.You will travel from a valley of hills in the east to a flat landscape in the South-West and arrive in the plains on the coast of Ostrobotnie. 


Important: Due to the Atlantic Ocean the countries of Northern Europe benefit of a temperate climate. Nevertheless, in the east of the territory winters can be rough and most parts of the Baltic Sea freeze. 



Your boat hire in the North of Europe allows you to discover the most hidden places of the planet, where nature is still untouched. The most adventurous will explore the white deserts of Greenland, to meet the Inuit, a nation unique in this world. This encounter will be more welcoming than the arctic cold which is present the whole year. 


Trip to the Baltic Countries and surroundings

Your sailing trip in Northern Europe can also be in one of the three Baltic countries in the east of the Baltic Sea: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania which are, by the way the perfect starting point for visiting Saint Petersburg in Russia.

Good to know: Even if the Baltic Countries are under a Russian influence, big parts of the population speak English, which will make your journey a lot easier! 

On your way to Poland, head to the north and make a stop in the Oblast of Kaliningrad, a Russian region where you’ll enjoy monuments of German history like the tomb of Kant or the Fort of Pillau but also its seaside resorts and the Curonian Spit which is part of the UNESCO world heritage.

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