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Bergen is located in the south-west of Norway. It is the capital of Hordaland and the second most populous town in the country. It is a port and a university town divided up into eight districts. The municipality of Bergen is delimited on most sides by fjords.

Sailing from Bergen

The best time of year for a cruise in Norway is the summer, with the very best time being the end of May to the end of July. Coolsailing offers departures from Bergen to Askoy, then Holsnoy, Raoy, Bakkoyna, Alvoyna, and finally Blomoyna

Places to visit from Bergen

Bergen is a large city that has preserved all the charms of a small town. This fact offers the town a refreshing touch. It is also a city that offers many activities and excursions. With your boat hire, you will be able to enjoy an excursion to the heart of the fjords as well as to the many walks available in the surrounding mountains. Visit Bergen funicular that will you transport you 320 metres above the town to offer you an incredible view over the fjords, the town and the mountains. Also, pay a visit to the aquarium in Bergen with its many impressive sea animals, the local species of which include the Vitus, the Dodraugen and the Ping Kong that will fascinate the inquisitive. Then, set out to discover the Rosenkratz tower, a major medieval site in the town. It was built in 1261 in order to confirm Bergen's status as the country's capital. History enthusiasts will enjoy the Hanseatic League Museum, which retraces the history of a professional association of traders that was at the heart of Baltic trade between the 11th and 13th centuries. You can then visit the Bryggen neighbourhood, located on a quayside in the heart of the town. There is a fish market that sells many varieties of fish caught in the fjords that morning, as well as traditional fishermen's houses.
You should also visit the Fantoft wooden church that dates from the 11th century, a typical monument of Norwegian architecture. Not to mention Bergenhus and Hakonshallen Fortress, the royal ceremonial room built in the reign of King Hakon IV of Norway between 1247 and 1261.

With your boat hire, make your way to Askøy where you can visit the Herdla Museum specialising in aviation, then Kvarven, a famous fort built to protect the port and naval installations from Swedish attacks from the sea. You will also have the opportunity to climb Askøyfjellet, one of the seven famous mountains around Bergen that stands at an altitude of 231 metres.

Stop off in Holsnøy in Hordaland, the largest island in the region which is ideal for many water sports such as paddleboard or kayak, and you can enjoy the stunning natural landscapes that combine the sea and the mountains. This region offers exceptional hiking and horse-riding excursions.

You should then stop in Radøy, a municipality in the region of Bergen in the Hordaland district, a superb island surrounded by green lagoons. The inhabitants there enjoy swimming and fishing. With your boat hire, you will be able to take advantage of the temperate climate to try some water-skiing or wakeboarding. Radøy is also a superb island for walking and enjoying the natural surroundings, with small steep paths leading to the typical picturesque Norwegian houses.

Continue your itinerary with Bakkøyna, a Norwegian island that magnificently combines steep mountains and a calm sea. It is a magnificent place where natural landscapes and Norwegian town planning overlap with a few picturesque houses that decorate the landscape of plains, all in a charming island that you will never tire of visiting.

Stop off in Alvoyna, an unusual town to the north of Bergen! As soon as you arrive, you will see red houses on the water's edge that look as if they are floating. The whole forms a wonderful landscape of sea and plains where the houses blend naturally into the surroundings.

Then discover Blomoyna, which is a group of islands offering a magnificent landscape of forests and plains, steep mountains and sea. The diversity of its landscape means that the island should not be missed under any pretext!

Coolsailing helps you to create the cruise of your dreams. Do not hesitate to contact our agents for your boat hire. We offer a large range of boats to rent and we will help you to find the boat of your dreams for an unforgettable cruise in Bergen or elsewhere.

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