Sailing area: Lofoten

Lofoten islands

The Lofoten islands are an archipelago that belongs to Norway, located to the north of the Arctic Circle off the coast of Bodø. The Lofoten islands are located in the Norwegian Sea. The archipelago offers a total surface area of 1,227 km. In the 12th century, the Lofoten islands enjoyed huge growth in the dried cod trade thanks to the appearance of the Gulf Stream which attracted large shoals of herring to the area's waters. The Lofoten islands, which, at the time, depended financially on Bergen, were able to emancipate themselves: fishing from these islands represented up to 80% of Norwegian exports. The beauty of these islands has earned them the title of being the most beautiful in the world in many prize lists and has helped tourism to develop, This region's appeal is, above all, the fact that it is possible to enjoy the midnight sun from May to July. These islands are also very popular with animal lovers who can admire the many whales that inhabit the Norwegian Sea.

Sailing in Lofoten from Svolvaer

Despite the latitude, Lofton has relatively temperate winter temperatures for the region. Indeed, the archipelago is lined by the Gulf Stream and its extensions which warm the temperatures. Summer and winter are particularly mild. Between June and August, temperatures may exceed 15°C. With your boat rental from Svolvaer, you will visit Austvågøya, Gimsøya, Vestvågøya, Flakstadøya, and Moskenesøya, some of the main islands in Lofoten.

Points of interest

Travel around the Lofoten islands with your boat rental and try your hand at fishing. In the summer, you will able to catch cod for hours on end thanks to the midnight sun; in the winter, try ice fishing.  The Lofton archipelago also offers natural landscapes and small villages that are out of the ordinary. This untouched jewel of nature offers magnificent landscapes comprising majestic mountains, blue fjords and incredible surfing beaches. The region's different relief will allow you to enjoy incredible walks. You will also be able to try sea kayaking, rafting and scuba diving. Surf enthusiasts will not be short of entertainment with some of the most northerly beaches in the world.
Continue your trip with Svolvaer, recognised as being the capital of Lofoten. It is the gateway for most visitors to the region. Temperatures vary between -1.5 °C in January and +13 °C in August. The inhabitants' lives are dictated by fishing and tourism. You will certainly enjoy the beauty of the landscapes that combine sea and mountains. The highest mountain is Svolværgeita, visible from the town centre, that rises to an altitude of 590 metres. On the island of Austvagoya, you will discover magnificent landscapes with impressive green mountains and a turquoise sea, as well as a multitude of fishermen's houses built on the water's edge.
Then, stop off at Gimsøya, a magnificent island with white sand and translucent water that will delight water sport enthusiasts. Water-skiing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, surfing and kayaking, a paradise for those who are brave enough to get into the water. For those who feel the cold, just ask one of our agents for a diving suit when booking. They will be waiting for you aboard your boat rental.  And, for those who prefer land-based activities, you will also be able to enjoy walking, cycling or horse-riding.
Vestvågøya is an island that is home to magnificent and imposing mountains that overlook stunning white sand beaches. Take advantage of the relief to go hiking and climb the peaks to enjoy the breathtaking views.
In Flakstadøya, you will visit Ramberg, where there is a superb beach where you can drop anchor for the night and admire the superb landscape which combines the beauty of the sea and the splendour of the surrounding mountains. In Nusfjord, you will be able to fish and drop anchor in a charming small port. You will also see magnificent Aurora Borealis if you travel between September and March.
Moskenesøya is the most popular island with tourists in the entire archipelago and there the mountains tumble into the sea. Sea kayaking enthusiasts will enjoy discovering the mountains and island from the sea. In Reine, you will see the understated fishermen's huts and fish dryers. You will also be able to enjoy some delightful walks along the steep paths that lead to the mountain peaks.
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