In the kingdom of Nór:

Starting with the Vikings, the Kingdom of Nór is an emblematic land of sailing in the frozen Arctic waters. The layout of Norway is ideal for sailing. With the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea to the south-west, the Norwegian Sea to the west, the Bering Sea to the north-east and the Skagerrak Strait to the south-east, Norway has openings to the sea at all the cardinal points. Indeed, the Norwegian coast, covering a total of about 83,000 kilometres including the coastline of the 50,000 or so islands in the archipelago, offers amazing sailing opportunities in an exceptional setting. Generous and welcoming, Norwegians will introduce you to a magnificent country and a world-famous culture. The former land of the Vikings, Norway is now a peaceful country. Declared to be the most pacifist country in the world with a democratic index of 9.8 in 2011, there is no better place to rent your boat and let yourself be transported by the charms of Scandinavia.

Sailing in northern waters:

In the land of the midnight sun, where part of the country lies north of the Arctic Circle, the inexhaustible northern sun does not set from May to the end of July and lights your nights with amazing colours: your sailing will quite simply never be the same again! In winter, rent your boat for a long night excursion, from November to January, and be guided by the majestic green lights that float in the sky. In general, the Norwegian is relatively temperate, especially on the coast, thanks to the Gulf Stream, an ocean current that originates between Florida and the Bahamas and is diluted in the Atlantic Ocean at the longitude of Greenland, bringing with it a warm breeze. Weather conditions inland may be harsher and the north of the country has a subarctic climate. However, the Svalbard archipelago has an Arctic tundra climate. It is important to beware of the waters of the Baltic Sea which may ice over when it is very cold. Surprisingly, the waters in the north-west do not freeze except far into a few fjords where there is fresh water. With the sea being an integral part of Norwegian life, there is a multitude of small ports and marinas where you can drop anchor. Scattered around the country, they will make your journey easier, but the attraction of this country also lies in its magnificent landscapes and its wild natural environment, which is why mooring places among the sheer rocks or in the fjords help to preserve this unequalled bewitching beauty. However, do not underestimate the katabatic winds when dropping anchor downwind of cliffs or mountains. Seek information before taking to the sea because the gusts can be dangerous! In all cases, Nordic temperatures are often much colder than what we are used to, therefore, it is important to be prepared and properly equipped. Although a bikini may not necessarily be required on-board, the foehn wind combined with south-westerly winds sometimes generates strong heat which often leads to rain in areas around Bergen. It is advised to favour motorboats or sailboats equipped with a motor because there are sometimes no winds in the northern seas. Most of these mooring and sailing tips are laid out in the "Norwegian Cruising Guide" by Adlards Coles Nautical, which we recommend you acquire for the best Norwegian sailing experience.

Places of interest:

Make your way to Tromsø, a modern town in the Arctic located north of the Arctic Circle, which is the departure point for polar expeditions; it is also the gateway to Svalbart, a place where Scandinavian culture and the beauty of untamed nature are in complete harmony. You will see the most beautiful Aurora Borealis in the country here from September to March. In the summer season, things are very busy with days that never end! Lying a short distance from an ice desert, this town is in contrast to its lunar environment. Also, be sure to visit the Arctic cathedral and be amazed by nature as you watch the frenzied dance of the whales. Next, set sail for the Great North! Make your way to Spitzberg in the Svalbart archipelago, the perfect cruising spot in May, where you will be able to follow in the footsteps of Arctic explorers and whale hunters: what a thrill to sail among the ice in the breathtaking setting! No more animal documentaries in front of a screen, here you can see polar bears and seals with your very own eyes when you pay a visit to Cross Bay. Further south, rent your boat in Bergen, a major cultural centre in the country and the departure point for the most beautiful fjords in the region. All that remains is for you to book your boat in Norway and visit the northern waters on the trail of your very own piece of paradise.

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