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The Paris of the North

In the land of ice, where the green light of the Aurora Borealis illuminate the night skies to offer one of the most beautiful displays on earth, you will find Tromsø. Considered, for many years, as a "Border Town" between the Sami people and the Russians who lived in the surrounding area, Tromsø has developed and built its own specific identity that has earned the name of the "Paris of the North". The authentic charm of the town centre speaks for itself, with the largest number of wooden houses in Norway. The town's inhabitants have skilfully preserved this dimension and developed the outskirts. Linking the island of Tromsøya, the town centre to the east, by a bridge on the mainland as well as by a tunnel to Tromsdalen and, to the west, by another bridge in Kvaløya. Thus the town has developed its reception capacity as well as its infrastructure. To the north-west of the island, Skattøra Marina will provide shelter for your boat rental in a dedicated space. In view of its location above the Arctic Circle, Tromsø is the gateway to the North Pole and has been the starting point for many major Polar expeditions.

The north of the north

Lying on the shores of Tromsøfjord, Tromsø is linked directly to the Norwegian Sea and enjoys a sub-Arctic climate, even a sub-Arctic maritime climate. The average annual temperature is about 3°C. The average in January is -4 °C. In July, the temperatures are mild thanks to the effect of the Gulf Stream, with about 12° C at night and, during a sunny day on the beach, they can vary from 9° C to 25° C. Tromsø is also known for its snow every winter. Covering the town with a white veil, this is when Scandinavian charm can be fully understood! Located about 350 km north of the Polar Circle, between mid-May and mid-June, you will have the opportunity to admire the midnight sun as the summer solstice draws near. Above the Arctic Circle, the sun dips down to the horizon without ever setting. Inversely, from mid-November to mid-January, the endless nights in black and orange take over the skies with occasional discreet dawns. These are the polar nights. Take advantage of the magical natural settings of the fjords to get closer to pure Norwegian nature.

What to see in Tromsø

 Tromso is ideal for watching Aurora Borealis. Indeed, it is here that the Aurora Borealis observatory was founded. The best time to see them is generally between 6 pm and midnight from September to March. You will never forget the experience! Next, visit the Arctic cathedral, built in 1965, probably the most famous building in Tromso! Then, take a tour of the northern brewery founded in 1877, the "Mack Bruyggeri", where you will be able to enjoy a beer that is unique in the world.
Next, set your sights on the Svalbart archipelago to observe Polar species, such as seals, polar bears and whales in Cross Bay. Discover the magnificent region of Sommarøy and its protected natural areas where the fjords are of great beauty. Take advantage of a mooring spot at the bottom of a fjord to admire the beauty of the landscape! Dominated by the Lygen Alps, take the Fjellheisen cable care for an incredible view over Scandinavian lands.
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