Destination Indian Ocean: an idyllic natural setting

Savour the splendour of this area of the world!

Oh, how exotic: a cruise through the Indian Ocean (which stretches across a breathtaking expanse of 75 million km²) lets you escape to one of the most heavenly cradles on the planet. Whether you wish to embark in Madagascar, Malaysia, the Maldives, Mauritius or in the Seychelles, Coolsailing will take care of everything for your Indian Ocean boat rental, so that your voyage is nothing but quiet and idleness from the very start!

From the west coast of India, all the magnificence of the western islands

From the coast of East Africa all the way to southern India, the Indian Ocean is studded with islands that draw our dreams. Little treasures, bathed in turquoise waters and covered with vast stretches of sand... The largest, Madagascar (called the Red Island), stretches 1,580 km long and 580 km wide. Endowed with exceptional endemic flora and fauna, it graces its visitors with a striking sight. The island's emblem, the maki (which belongs to the lemur family), can also be found in Mayotte in the Comoros.

    Note: French is spoken on the majority of islands in the Indian Ocean. It's an enormous asset that will help your trip go much smoother!

Other islands and archipelagos just as dazzlingly beautiful stretch away from Madagascar. For instance, Mauritius, characterised by its magnificent tropical gardens and Hindu temples; and the Seychelles with 115 islands scattered through the emerald waters, overflowing with botanical wonderlands and bird sanctuaries that offer you a complete change of scenery. You will sail alongside sea turtles, giant tortoises and flashily coloured tropical birds. The Comoros archipelago is made up of four volcanic islands: Mayotte, Mohéli, Anjouan and Grande Comore. The latter features the most active volcano in the world, Karthala. Réunion, southeast of Madagascar, is the El Dorado for all those who love undeveloped nature and geological curiosities: endless luxuriant vegetation, astounding reefs like Le Souffleur, which propels sea spray several meters above the swells, and of course the majestic volcanoes like the Piton des Neiges or, more well known and still active, the Piton de la Fournaise.

Good to know: Temperatures on islands in the Indian Ocean are warm in every season, even hot. With an average annual temperature of 25°C, you have your choice when you want to sail.

The unfinished charm of French islands in the Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is also dotted with small (even very small) French islands that are less known, called scattered islands. They can be explored exclusively with your Indian Ocean boat rental:

In the Mozambique Channel (the stretch of sea separating Madagascar from Mozambique), you will find Europa Island, with its abundant wild fauna and an area of 30 km², Juan de Nova Island with an area of 4.8 km² and the atoll Bassas da India with an area of 0.2 km².

In the Indian Ocean itself, you will first make out Grande Glorieuse island and the Ile du Lys, sandy, unpopulated islands together presenting a surface area of 7 km². Altogether they form the Glorioso Islands archipelago. Located between the Comoros and Madagascar, they are surrounded by a coral reef barrier where individual reefs break the surface. Finally, east of Madagascar is oval-shaped Tromelin Island, 3.7 km², surrounded by oceans 4 km deep.

    Note: contained by barrier coral reefs on which the water breaks dangerously, Tromelin Island can only be approached in calm weather through a single point of access in the northwest.

On the eastern side of India: the Australian and Indonesian islands

An Indian Ocean boat rental is also favourable for taking on the Indonesian and Australian coasts. As to Australia, you can stop in at Tasmania to go see the famous devil, kangaroos and wombats. The Cocos Islands are often visited for their national park. For Indonesia, among the islands not to be missed: Java, where the exceptional mountainous landscape is found alongside a multitude of temples, museums, caves, historical sites, water parks and other wild, natural spaces.

Renting a boat in the Indian Ocean is unquestionably to experience a unique cruise, marked by lands in their natural state and the most enriching cultural mixtures.

The key points to remember for a cruise in the Indian Ocean:

-    As a meeting point for three continents (South Asia, East Africa and Oceania), the Indian Ocean is extremely rich.

-    The tropical climate lets you enjoy clement temperatures at any point in the year.

-    Preserved from the ravages of industrialisation, this part of the globe lets you enjoy an authentic, wild character, and luxuriant nature that will leave you breathless.

-    It is possible to visit several heavenly spots in a single voyage.

-    The legendary hospitality of the population and the local cuisine, known for its colours and tastes, make this trip even more enjoyable.