Sailing area : Madagascar

Madagascar, the multicultural island

Madagascar is the fifth largest island in the world, measuring 1,580 km long and 580 km wide. Its surface area is 587,000 km². Surrounded by the archipelago of Comoros, the Seychelles, and the island of Reunion, Madagascar offers a wide range of landscapes comprising fine sand beaches, coral reefs, baobabs, aquatic jungle and savannah. The island's isolation and its varied climates and relief have contributed to the development of a plant and animal life that is unique in the world. The country is divided into 6 provinces: Antananarivo, Antsiranana, Fianarantsoa, Mahajanga, Toamasina, and Toliara. This country with a population of 23 million has 18 separate ethnic groups which come from Africa, Indonesia, the Middle East and Europe.

Sailing in Madagascar from Nosy Be?

With your boat rental, set out from the port of Nosy Be and head for Tany Kelly, a nature reserve with turquoise waters and multicoloured fish. Then, continue to Nosy Mamoko, the incredible turtle island, before continuing your route to Nosy Kisimasy and then Nosy Iranja and its paradisiac beaches. Afterwards, discover Nosy Ovy with its exceptional marine life, then stop off in Nosy Valiha and discover a charming small island before making your way to Anjoa, your final destination. The best time of the year for sailing in Madagascar is between April and October if you avoid the east coast which has heavy rain between June and September. You can create several sailing itineraries in Madagascar according to your wishes. Coolsailing is there to help you to create the journey of your dreams.

Places to visit in Madagascar

Throughout your trip in Madagascar, you will be continuously charmed and amazed. Nosy Be will offer you the opportunity to do some scuba diving, in particular in Nosy Tanikely, the most popular site in Nosy Be, where you will find coral reefs, hawksbills and colourful fish. To the east of Nosy Be, you will also find Nosy Faly, a very natural island with magnificent beaches, where you can bathe and swim with dolphins in the magnificent turquoise waters.

In Nosy Mamoko, a genuine haven of peace surrounded by lush hills awaits you. Among the varied wildlife that includes lemurs, birds and reptiles, you will see ancient tortoises that make their way peacefully through the dream setting.

In Nosy Kisimasy, you will find an interesting bay for a sheltered mooring spot: With magnificent golden beaches lined with coconut trees, you will be able to swim there and do some snorkelling! In Nosy Iranja, a fantastic picture postcard setting awaits you, completely cut off from the world that offers magnificent landscapes and beautiful deserted beaches. In Nosy Ovy, you will be able to explore the beauty of the seabed by day as well as by night. Nosy Valiha is a genuine paradise, with banana trees, mango trees, white sand beaches and a beautiful waterfall.

In Nosy Ambariovato, you will find emerald green water and golden sand beaches that offer a wildlife that is unique in the world, comprising lemurs, commonly called "Macaco". You will also see the oldest plantations of Ylang-Yang in Madagascar. The forest has 188 floral species, 70 of which are used by the local inhabitants for medicinal remedies. In the heart of the island, you will find beautiful waterfalls and natural pools for swimming. Nosy Ambariovato is also a very good spot for diving and it is possible to see turtles, rays, dolphins and humpbacked whales between July and November.

The local population devote themselves to the art of weaving and make tablecloths in gora, a natural cotton canvas. The inhabitants also build dugouts that are sometimes up to 12 metres long.

In the heart of the Mitsio archipelago, you will find Nosy-Tsarabanjina, a paradisiac island with translucent waters and white sand. There, you will be able to admire the wild setting and mountains that dominate the entire area. You will be able to swim there and admire the seabed with its magnificent coral, or go for a walk and discover the many colourful birds. The lush vegetation is packed with colonies of birds, such as the sea eagle and the famous flycatcher. A large range of activities are available on this island: Waterskiing, snorkelling, scuba diving, boat trips to the other islands in the archipelago and visits to the tombs of the Sakalava kings of the Mitsio islands. Above all, this island is a privileged spot for scuba diving thanks to its seabed that offers many soft and hard coral, shoals of barracuda, trevallies, manta rays, whale sharks, cod, fusiliers, trigger fish, turtles, Napoleon fish, etc.

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