Sailing area : Maldives

The Maldives, the pearls of the Indian Ocean:

Just as Darwin used to enjoy calling it "the backbone of a forgotten continent", the Maldives archipelago brings together everything you have ever dreamt about. Comprising about 1,190 islands, the Maldives offer you complete freedom! Hire your boat and sail the most beautiful lagoons in the world. Move from a luxury resort, with its magnificent cocktails made to order and its comfortable deckchairs, to desert islands straight out of an adventure story book about pirates! Why search any further, we have found THE treasure for you. With an average altitude of one to two metres above sea level, be transported by the unique charm of the pearls of the Indian Ocean, which for hundreds of years, and still today, welcomed sailors from South and Southeast Asia, Africa and Arabia, thus creating a country with a rich culture that will welcome you with open arms.

Sailing in the archipelago with thousands of islands:

A genuine underwater mountain chain, the land area of the Maldives is estimated at 302 km² of dry land, namely 0.3 % of the territory that covers a total of 100,000 km². Do not hesitate to hire your boat with Coolsailing and sail among the summits that have been forgotten by time, lost between the sky and the sea. As a true adventurer, start your route at the port of Malé, the capital of the Maldives, and visit the islands one after the other, from small fishing villages to resort islands and the magnificent uninhabited fine sand beaches. About 50 years ago, three islands appeared out of the water after a violent storm. Why not discover others and take your own picture postcard photos! Comprising 22 atolls, choose your route among the thousands of islands on offer. Head southwards for the small atolls of Addu, the southernmost of all, or Huvadhoo covering an area of 2,240 km², the largest in the world. Head northwards to Alifushi atoll or the Ihavandippolhu atoll and their magnificent islands with a natural setting.

The tropical climate of the Maldives makes it an exceptional place on earth that offers temperatures all the year round ranging from approximately 26°C to 35°C and waters in its lagoons protected by coral reefs at an average 28°C. The sun shines there 2,500 hours a year, a dream for snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts who can enjoy their sport in water at the same temperature as a relaxing bath and discover an incomparably rich marine life. Rainfall can reach up to 2,000 mm a year. However, downpours are generally short and very quickly give way to beautiful clear skies.

The best time for sailing in the Maldives is between January and April. At this time of year, you can expect up to 8 hours of sunshine a day, a true paradise on earth where Helios is master. There are two monsoons in the Maldives. Therefore, if you want to hire your boat at other times than January to April, for example in December or March, to avoid the downpours, it is best to head to the north of the archipelago. However, during the wet season, from the start of May to November and more precisely from June to July, the sea is often rough and there are high winds and strong rain, mainly in the islands to the north of the country.

Places of interest in the archipelago:

Stop off wherever you want and visit the hidden parts of the archipelago and meet the local residents at the Male Fish Market or the Male Local Market in the city of Malé. Take the opportunity to stroll around the streets and admire its mosque, its national museum and its artificial beach. All these places are worth a visit! Scuba diving enthusiasts should make their way to Veligandu Island Beach, a placed that you will never forget with its unique sea life, its breathtaking natural settings and its paradisiac islands. If you prefer fishing, stop off at Alimatha Island in the Vaavu atoll, hire your boat, and set sail for the garden of Eden in the Indian Ocean. Discover coral reefs in thousands of colours inhabited by a multitude of aquatic animals that you can admire through glass, but not the glass of an aquarium, rather that of your diving mask. Sail around the turquoise lagoons and walk along the spotless beaches and admire the most beautiful sunsets on earth.

The ports in this sailing area

Hulhumale, Male ...