Sailing area : Seychelles

Sailing area: Seychelles


The Seychelles

The Seychelles form an archipelago of 115 magnificent islands located in the north-west of the Indian Ocean. All these islands form one state and the main island is Mahé.

Sailing in the Seychelles

The archipelago is relatively calm with very few strong winds, but the monsoon and strong trade winds come from the north-west and south-east. In the inter-season, the weather is variable. From mid-May to October, the winds blow constantly from the south-east although the sky is clear. In November, the trade winds from the north-west take over and sometimes bring large rain clouds. In May, the winds again come out of the south-east. In January, the region experiences strong rainfall, however, in April and May, the sun is at its peak. These climatic variations barely affect the temperature which remains at about 28-30°C. In the Seychelles, the weather changes constantly and many currents are present throughout the region at speeds of 1.5 knots. In April, the current is reversed and from June to September it flows westwards.

Places to visit

Before starting your cruise in the Seychelles, visit Mahe island, which is 25 km long. This island is the largest in the Seychelles and offers magnificent mountain views, tropical forests and stunning beaches. Mahé is home to an impressive number of exceptional sites, such as the magnificent beaches of Beau Vallon, Takamaka, Royale or Soleil. These beaches also have the advantage of often being practically empty. The centre of the island has many secret places that are well worth the detour. In the centre, a series of mountains covered with dense vegetation is home to many plants and animals to be discovered during hikes. Not far from the coast, you will discover the marine parks of Sainte-Anne or Ternay Bay, and, further offshore, diving enthusiasts will find breathtaking spots with an absolutely incredible marine life. Once your visit is complete, set sail for Praslin.
Stop off at Praslin, the second largest island in the Seychelles and probably one of the most beautiful, this island is more restful than Mahé and is more developed than La Digue. The 2 km long Anse Volbert beach is stunning and offers white sand, turquoise water and, for diving enthusiasts, some very good spots that are well worth the detour. Next, discover the Mai valley and its UNESCO World Heritage forest, as well as sea coconut trees that produce love nuts. End your visit of the island with Anse Lazio, which lies to the north of Praslin. It promises a paradisiac setting of calm and translucent turquoise water and palm trees on the beaches, a dream that you can continue on La Digue.
Stop off in La Digue, the atmosphere there is very relaxed and the inhabitants generally travel around by bicycle. To the west, there are three villages, La Passe, La Réunion and L'Union. They are all joined together. This is the most photographed island in the Seychelles with its magnificent white sand beaches and granite rocks that bathe in the turquoise water. Indeed, the island is chosen by many couples to celebrate their wedding, The different beaches can be accessed by bicycle and offer a preserved beauty and are never packed. Some beaches are protected by a coral reef but some other beaches have strong currents that require care when swimming. Anse Source d'Argent is a magnificent beach not to be missed, as well as Anse Pierrot and Anse aux Centres, not to mention Grand Anse and Petit Anse.
The Seychelles are an excellent destination for catamarans. You will find many places to sail around the islands so that you can enjoy the beauty of the lagoons, fish or do some snorkelling in the translucent waters. Board sport enthusiasts will be spoiled for choice between water-skiing, or wakeboarding in a paradisiac setting.
Wait no more to rent your boat. We can offer several ranges of boats, from catamarans to luxury yachts. You can set sail on your own if you have a boating licence or rent your boat with a skipper who will be in charge of navigation. For a luxury cruise, opt for a crew who will manage everything on-board including half-board or full-board.

Worth knowing/Advice

  • Victoria Town and its Bazaar
  • Cousin Island, a bird sanctuary for discovering rare birds such as the Black Parrot.
  • Don't leave Praslin without visiting the May Valley Rent a bike to visit La Digue
  • Saint Anne national marine park: The finishing touch to your cruise
  • Local gastronomy Curieuse Marin National Park: giant tortoises, mangroves and coconut trees.
  • Cocos Islands: the islands that you see in the photos... and perhaps the most beautiful in the Indian Ocean.

The ports in this sailing area

La Digue, Mahé, Praslin ...

When to travel?

  • Temperatures are typically between 24 and 32°C
  • Sustained winds in summer Strong currents and coral reefs
  • Fresh and windy conditions in winter (June-September)
  • In summer (November-May), moderate winds and warm temperatures with some major storms


8 knots
12-13 knots


Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun
29° 29° 29° 30° 31° 30°
Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
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