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The Bay of Naples, a fabulous coastline at the foot of Vesuvius

The Bay of Naples is part of a submerged volcanic crater more than 80,000 years old. It extends more than 15 km along the western coast of Italy and opens out on to the Tyrrhenian Sea. The bay continues in a circular manner with the Campanian archipelago, where you can find the island of Capri to the south-west and the islands of Vivara and Procida to the north-west. The Mediterranean climate, the sea breeze and the varied landscapes make it one of the most popular sailing areas in Europe. The ideal time for your cruise in the Bay of Naples is between April and June and between September and October.

Sailing in the waters of the Tyrrhenian: departing from Castellammare di Stabia

The Bay of Naples offers a stunning variety of landscapes with many charming villages and coves. Coolsailing offers you the chance to start your cruise in the port of Castellammare Di Stabia, a stunning town sheltered from the crowds, from where it is possible to visit Pompeii and Naples. Then continue to the Pontines Islands. On your return, make your way towards the islands of Ischia and Procidato to enjoy a moment of rest and relaxation. Continue your route towards Positano on the Amalfi coast, then, finally, hoist your sails and head for Sorrente.

Places of interest around the Bay of Naples:

Start your cruise in Castellammare di Stabia, this commercial port is sheltered from the hordes of tourists and Marina di Stabia offers a large selection of mooring spots and supply shops. Be sure to visit Pompeii, where you will find the remains of the town submerged by the ashes when Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD. Finally, admire the vineyards in Campania during a beautiful walk to the summit of the volcano.

The next stopover leads you to Naples, the "Capital of Southern" Italy. Stroll along the volcanic rock pavements, admire the colourful houses and the traditional pizzerias that stand alongside the flower markets and magnificent buildings. In the historic neighbourhood, visit the imposing Santa Chiara Basilica and set out to discover underground Naples. Once back in the open air, enjoy a short break and savour an authentic Neapolitan, the queen of all pizzas. Further away, you will be able to admire the architecture of the Galleria Umberto, or watch a performance at the illustrious Teatro San Carlo. At the Capodimonte Museum, art lovers will be able to admire the largest collection of antique, modern and contemporary art in the world. Admire one last sunset over Naples before setting sail towards Ponza.

After leaving the Bay of Naples via the sea corridor between Bacoli and the island of Procida, set your sights on the Pontines islands about 30 nautical miles away in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The archipelago is ideal for boat trips. Its coastline shelters beaches and bays that are accessible solely by the sea. First stopover, the volcanic island of Ponza: be charmed by the old port decorated with pastel coloured houses and lined by the Banchina di Fazio promenade. Stroll among the village's bars, restaurants and shops or climb Monte Guardia. From its summit, admire the light glistening on the vivid blue waters and, in the distance, admire the superb outline of the sister islands of Ponza. You will find caves to explore on the archipelago's volcanic stone coastline. Explore these galleries by canoe or on foot, or swim in the crystal-clear waters of the natural stone basins. All around the archipelago, scuba diving enthusiasts will be able to admire the treasures of the sea.

Do not miss Palmarola, a magnificent small island in the Pontin archipelago: steep cliffs plunge into the foamy water on one side while, on the other side, moors and footpaths wind their way over the emerald hills leading to the long beaches covered with seashells. In Palmorela, you will find a unique fauna and flora and enjoy a quiet day in the peace and quiet of an isolated bay. Once your visit is over, set your sights on the island of Ischia.

Stop off in Ischia, the main island in the Campanian archipelago. Visit Forio, the cultural heart of Ischia where the sole watchword is "rest". Spend an afternoon at the famous Poseidon Gardens spa resort, savour the baths scented with herbs from the region, then rest in the shade of an olive tree, before enjoying a walk along the site's stunning private beach. On the east of the island, visit Castello Aragonese, a former fortress that stands on an imposing volcanic rock. You will be amazed by the view over the neighbouring island and the beautiful garden dotted with orange and lemon trees and exotic flowers.

Once back in the gulf, stop off at Procida and Vivara, two volcanic islands. The historic centre of Procida, called Terra Murata, has been protected by solid stone ramparts since the 16th century. The walls hide a town of great beauty. Follow the winding medieval streets, pass beneath the archways and ornamental passageways and immerse yourself in the magnificence of the place. Vivara is inhabited and today provides a natural habitat for a large number of birds and other protected species. Enjoy a stopover there and spend a relaxing moment listening to the peaceful sounds of the island that has been taken back by nature.

The next stopover leads you across the Neapolitan gulf, from the north-west to the south-east, to the Amalfi coast, one of the most prestigious areas of Italy, especially for its highly developed wine industry. You will arrive in the seaside resort of Positano where the pastel-coloured houses in an almost Oriental style blend into the rocky coastal landscapes. Admire the Saracen towers built along the Sorrentine coast and pay a visit to Santa Maria Assunta church on the seashore which is easy to spot thanks to its famous colourful dome visible from a distance. The surrounding mountains and villages are easily accessible by public transport offering you the chance to discover the region's charming footpaths and taste the exquisite wines or, if you prefer, you can spend the afternoon bathing on a hot summer day.

Finish your cruise with Sorrento where you will taste the ingenious Sorrento creations prepared with Sorrento Lemon, the emblem of the peninsula. Whether in cakes or liqueurs, in soaps or as a decoration on porcelain, "acid gold" is the pride of the island. The craggy coastline of Sorrento shelters magnificent bays, huge rocks and long golden sand beaches. In former times, the island was feared and avoided by ships because of the alleged presence of mermaids who led sailors to their deaths. Today, it is one of the most magnificent parts of Italy. Time seems to stand still, old scooters make their way around the streets and Italian songs fill the air, fishermen gaze at the sea from the port and sip the delicious Sorrento wine which, since Antiquity, has titillated the taste buds of emperors and philosophers.

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Worth knowing/Advice

Read the sailing maps carefully: tides and submerged rocks Visual navigation in sheltered waters It is possible to alternate between long and short navigations Mozzarella de Buffala, the pride of the region Pompeii visit Anchoring at the foot of the Aragonese Castle in Istria

The ports in this sailing area

Agropoli, Capri - Marina Grande, Castellammare di Stabia, Ischia, Mergellina, Naples, Naples - Nisida, Naples - Santa Lucia, Ponza, Pozzuoli, Procida, Salerno, Salerno - Porto turistico, Sorrente - Marina Lobra, Sorrento, Vibo Valentia ...


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When to travel?

The period to sail to Naples extends from May to October.


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5-10 knots


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