Sailing area: Liguria


Liguria stretches from the French border to the Italian Tuscan coast. This region, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is considered to be the most beautiful in Italy. Its natural underwater parks are protected. It is known as the Italian riviera with its mythical stopovers, such as Genoa, but its reputation is mainly founded on the beauty of its natural parks, such as the Cinque Terre region. Liguria forms a semi-circle around the Ligurian Sea along the Ligurian Riviera.  From San Remo, make your way towards Genoa, then visit Lavaga, Spezia, Viareggio, and, finally Livorno.

Before embarking, visit San Remo, famous for its flower production, and visit the town by bicycle discovering its pretty streets and typical neighbourhoods. Visit the Orthodox church of San Basilio, Santo Stefano church, the Cathedral of San Siro and the Borea d'Olmo Palace, now an archaeological museum. You will be able to take advantage of its beautiful fine sand beaches and a refreshing swim or some relaxing sunbathing because of the extremely mild climate. You will be able to enjoy the water sport of your choice, whether water-skiing, scuba diving or even kayaking. Feeling slightly hungry? Savour a delicious pizza at one of the restaurant terraces or pizzerias along the beaches. A pure delight! San Remo enjoys a pleasant climate all year round: the winters are mild and the sun shines all summer. Once you have finished your visit, set sail for Genoa!

The Republic of Genoa was one of the most prosperous in the Mediterranean and rivalled Venice and Marseilles. This heritage can be found in the architecture of the large palaces and the squares in the town centre. Genoa has preserved the architecture of a powerful past, with buildings that have preserved the splendour of their past and blend perfectly into the modern architecture. If you are in the Cinque Terre, be sure to pay a visit to the capital of Liguria. Then make your way to Lavagna
In the heart of the Riviera di Levante, Lavagna is a major seaside tourism destination thanks to its magnificent sand beach that covers several kilometres and benefits from the prestigious European blue flag.  In Lavagna, you will also find the largest tourism port of Tiguillion and Liguria. It is a town worth visiting for its monuments and its history. The centre is crossed by the Carruggio, which opens on to Piazza Marconi, dominated by Santo Stefano Basilica and Brignardello Gate. Via Roma is the commercial heart of Lavagna with typical streets and medieval style gates and stores. Lavagna is also a town of good living where fresh fish is served at your table, as well as Manicaretti which can be enjoyed in the various nearby restaurants.
Stop off in the province of Spezia, dotted with beaches that open out on to crystal-clear waters and nestle among enchanting landscapes. Its villages, built in the lush valleys, hold many ancient traditions. The coastal landscape comprises sheer cliffs, thick pine forests, romantic coves and a magnificent shoreline. The beauty of nature and the picturesque villages hanging from the rocks are enchanting. The gulf is delimited by Lerici, Portovenere and the island of Palmaria with Spezia at its centre.  Beyond the gulf lies the Cinque Terre region.

Continue your journey with Viareggio, a municipality in the province of Lucques, Tuscany. Viareggio offers visitors beautiful sand beaches and pine forests that are ideal for cycling. Be sure to enjoy a walk along the seafront with its luxury stores. Viareggio also has many historic monuments, such as Matilda tower, a defensive fortification. The town centre offers a permanent market and cafés with terraces as well as several nightclubs. In April, do not miss the Easter period with the Viareggio carnival and its floats,

Finish your trip with a visit to Livorno which stretches along the Tuscany coast. The province also has a few islands that form the Tuscan archipelago, including Elba, the varied charms and enchanting landscapes of which make it a very popular tourist destination. You will also discover the islands of Capraia, Gorgone, Pinaosa and, finally, Montecristo, a wild island that is a nature reserve. With unequalled natural treasures, the valley of Cornia comprises a number of protected areas. You can find the coastal park of Sterpaia, that recalls the typical landscapes of Maremme, and the Rimigliano coastal park with its luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation.

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Worth knowing/Advice

Snack on Italian flavours with the local specialities such as Pesto and Focaccia. Sail away and discover the Cinque Terre region Take advantage of the many cultural stopovers Suitable for all boaters, including beginners.

The ports in this sailing area

Andora, Bocca di Magra, Cala Galera, Cecina, Chiavari, Gênes, Genova, Imperia, La Spezia, Lavagna, Livourne, Marina degli Aregai, Moneglia, Porto Mirabello - La Spezia, Punta Ala, Salivoli-Piombino, San Remo, Santa Margherita Ligure, Varazze, Viareggio ...


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