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Sicily is an island in southern Italy with a mountainous relief, especially in the north with the mountains of Peloritani and Madonie. To the south, among the hills, there are a few plains, in particular the plain of Catane and the Conca d'Oro. Sicily enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild and humid winters and hot and dry summers.

Sailing in Sicily

The predominant winds in Sicily are the Mistral, the Sirocco and the Libeccio, which often blow in the spring and autumn. The Tramontane blows in the winter causing the temperatures to drop. To get the most out of your stay, we recommend that you visit Sicily between April and September, when you will be able to take full advantage of the sea and the sun. Several itineraries are available, however, we offer departures from Tropea heading for Porto di Palmi, then Milazzo, Cefalu, Palermo, San Vito lo capo, Trapani, and, finally, Marsala.

Places to visit

Tropea has many assets, namely a crystal-clear sea and white sand, which will delight those who want to relax, gardens of citrus fruit, vineyards and olives which surround the area for relaxing walks. The seabed is incredibly rich and will delight fishermen and divers, and the town offers a wealth of monuments.
Do not hesitate to discover the town centre with its many streets and the royal square, then dine in one of the typical restaurants. Not to be missed in July: the blue fish and red onion festival in Tropea, an event that celebrates traditional cuisine and attracts many visitors every year.
Stop off in Palmi where you will be able to enjoy the seaside resort and excursions to Mont Sant'Elia and the Aspromote National Park. Do not miss a visit to the church of the Immaculate Conception and all the museums, including the ethnographic museum, the modern art museum, the Guerrisi museum, the municipal library and the antiquarium.
Continue your journey with a visit to Milazzo, the nearest port to the Aeolian Islands. There are several churches in a Renaissance style dating from the 16th to the 17th centuries and several Palazzi occupy this part of the town, including the Palazzo Municipal and the Palazzo d'Amico near the sea. Scattered around the town and the surrounding countryside, there are also several villas built between the 17th and 20th century. Then, set your sights on Cefalu.
Enjoy a stopover in Cefalu. After strolling along the main street, admire the colourful cul-de-sacs where Sicilian culture comes to life. Immerse yourself in the everyday life of a coastal town with a strong identity. The town also has an imposing cathedral. Do not hesitate to follow the paths up the cliffs, you will be amazed. In terms of food, Cefalu offers a variety of dishes, including duchess's anchovies which is spread on bread with a little butter. Cefalu has a rich history that has left behind many monuments. Corso Ruggero is the main road in the old neighbourhood. It is lined with beautiful palaces and Baroque churches on both sides. You will also find elegant stores and be able to admire the old town from the port. Before leaving Cefalu, do not miss the Mandralisca Museum, the stronghold of the Capo Marchiafava, the medieval wash-houses and Osterio Magno palace. Next, make your way to Palermo
Stop off in Palermo and set out to discover the town in an open top bus. You will see the ancient architecture dating from the Greco-Roman period and updated by the Byzantine civilisation. The historic heart of the region, it is in Palermo that most of the colonial buildings can be found, including the Norman palaces and the Palatine chapel, which bears witness to the different influences of Roman, Arabic and Norman invasions. San Giovani degli Eremiti à la Martorana Church and San Cataldo Church are also other examples of the remains left behind by the Byzantine civilisation. Near Piazza Carmine, do not miss Ballario market where you will find everything you need. Next, set sail for the magnificent town of San Vito lo Capo.
San Vito Lo Capo is a magnificent town, lined with white sand beaches and green lagoons. When you arrive in its small coves, you will be able to admire a breathtaking landscape of sea, mountains and immaculate beaches. With your catamaran, you will be able to sail from beach to beach, fish and water-ski or enjoy some scuba diving in a unique setting.
Wait no more to rent your boat, we can offer several ranges of boats, from catamarans to luxury yachts with or without a skipper for half-board or full-board cruises. You can opt for a cruise with half-board or full-board cruise with a crew. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Worth knowing/Advice

Palermo, a bustling city... The spectacle put on by an erupting Stromboli if you go to the Aeolian Islands. Many sheltered anchorages and small ports Filicudi, known for having the most beautiful waters in the Aeolian Islands Careful reading of sailing maps Numerous ports, anchorages and sheltered coves

The ports in this sailing area

Capo d'Orlando, Catane, Cefalu, Darsena Acton, La Cala, Lipari, Marina Di Ragusa - Sicile, Marsala, Milazzo, Palerme, Palmi-Porto di Palmi, Porto di Catania, Portorosa, Reggio calabria, Riposto, S. Agata di Militello, San vito lo capo, Sant'Agata Di militello, Siracusa, Taormina, Trapani, Tropea ...


To sail in Italy you will need: Sailing resume A sailing licence

When to travel?

Go to the Italian website LLAMA to have accurate weather forecasts. (vento i mare)


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10-20 knots


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