Venice, the pearl of the northern Adriatic

The Adriatic Sea stretches from the east coast of Italy to part of the coast of Slovenia. On the Italian coast, you will find the towns of Venice, Ravenna and Rimini. On the Slovenian coast, you will find Izola and Koper.

Venice is a city of the sea that has had to fight to preserve its independence. It comprises 118 islands and 177 canals offering many pretty boat trips.

The Grand Canal, in the shape of an "S", is a must because more than a hundred palaces and churches line its banks, bearing witness to the past wealth of the republic of Venice.

Sailing in the Northern Adriatic from Izola

With your boat rental in the Northern Adriatic, sail from Izola on the Slovenian coast and then make your way to Koper before heading for Venice and finally Ravenna and Rimini.

The best time for sailing in the Northern Adriatic is the summer season. The water temperature is about 28° C and the Burin wind blows strongly often accompanied by good weather and high pressure.

Places to visit in the Northern Adriatic

First stage of our itinerary: Izola, a must. Discover its beaches, its charming small port and its many monuments. Then, make your way to Koper, the largest commercial port in Slovenia, which combines the charms of Slovenian culture and the beauty of its coastline. During your stopover, discover the many authentic monuments marked by the style of the republic of Venice. Carpacciov Trg square, the "Taverna", a former salt storage depot, Kidričeva Ulica street and the Saint Trinity church, as well as the many Venetian-style houses.

When you arrive on the Italian coast, set out to discover Venice, the pearl of the Adriatic. Among the many points of interest and historic monuments, admire the famous Doges Palace, Maria della Salute Basilica, the famous Rialto bridge, Saint Mark's Basilica, the symbol of the city and take a look at the Teatro La Fenice, visit the famous Galleria dell’Academia and the San Giorgio Maggiore Basilica and its bell tower, both located on the island of the same name in the Saint Mark basin. After such an adventure, stop off at Campo Santo Margherita and enjoy lunch in the San Polo neighbourhood.

Then, with your boat rental, set out to visit Rimini. There you will be able to enjoy the 15 km long beach, the very large seaside resort and many hotels and nightclubs. It is a must for those who like to party. Rimini also has a very rich history with many places to visit: The Arch of Augustus, the Bridge of Tiberius, both dating from Roman times, and the Borgo San Giuliano. The centre of Rimini is also pleasant for strolling and admiring the architecture of the surrounding buildings.

Next, make your way to Ravenna! It is a town famous for its many Byzantine-style monuments and for its mosaics. This ancient city, located at a crossroads between the East and the West, has preserved all its charms, including the San Giovese vineyards and the many regional culinary specialities that will delight food and wine lovers.

Now, continue to Cesenatico, a town located near Rimini and famous for its port designed by Leonardo da Vinci. In a welcoming setting, take advantage of the many commodities for a comfortable stopover: Bars, restaurants, hotels, nothing is missing. Therefore, you will be able to take time to visit the town's monuments, such as the house where Marino Moretti was born. The port, in the heart of the town, attracts fishermen every morning who rise at the crack of dawn to get to work. Therefore, take advantage of your boat hire to join them and abandon yourself to the joys of fishing! Cesenatico also has two very pretty beaches, Zadina and Levante, where you can spend hours lazing in the sun.

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The ports in this sailing area

Caorle, Casale sul Sile, Grado-Porto San Vito, precenicco, San benedetto, Venise ...


To sail in Italy you will need:

  • An up-to-date sailing resume
  • A sailing Licence 

If you wish, you may sail to Croatia from Italy

When to travel?

You can visit the Italian website LAMMA, which will provide reliable weather information.


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