Destination: North America 

Destination North America: the continent where everything is possible

A New World opens its doors to you

Between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, North America has a multitude of faces. A desert by the sea, rocky and sheer coastlines, beaches lined with coconut trees or welcoming dunes, a tropical or oceanic climate, and more. Sail along the coast of this multi-faceted continent that promises you many unforgettable cruises.

The west coast: from the desert to the extreme cold

Sailing along the west coast of North America will introduce you to an unexpected variety of landscapes. From the Californian deserts to the lush forest of Washington State and British Columbia in Canada, aboard your North American boat rental, you will sail along the countless bays, gulfs capes and estuaries that are home to famous cities such as San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver. There are very few islands in this part of the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands, off the coast of Santa Barbara, are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful.

Chesapeake Bay, in the footsteps of the first settlers

With more than 150 streams and rivers that empty into and a main tributary that is 300 km long, Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States. It was here that many European settlers set up home when they arrived, turning the region into a prosperous area, From Annapolis to Shady Side, not forgetting the immaculate Chesapeake Beach, or the wilder expanses of sand worthy of the tropics at Dares Beach, Chesapeake Bay is a destination that you will enjoy discovering aboard a North America boat rental.

New England, a land of history

Boston and its region was the birthplace of the United Sates and offers you many stopovers with a rich history. Set sail aboard your boat rental in North America for Boston, a must on your journey. Despite its restful way of life, this typical American city also offers a vibrant cultural life. Formed by 6 Sates (Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut), New England is a land of sailors. Thanks to your North America boat rental, sail along the coast that is home to typical towns and huge beaches that are ideal for swimming and romantic walks.

Florida and the Keys, the kingdom of the sun

A State that is synonymous with holidays and sun-bathing, Florida reveals its true beauty aboard a sailboat. In Miami, you will be able to relax at Miami Beach, treat yourself to an excursion to the Everglades or enjoy some scuba diving off the coast. Then, make your way to the Keys archipelago. Snorkelling at Key Largo underwater park, watching sea birds at Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Centre, some recreational fishing, sunbathing on paradisiac beaches or swimming in the turquoise water of the Bing Pine Key lagoons: there is a packed programme!

Good to know: the sun shines all the year round in Florida, but in order to take full advantage of your stay, avoid the cyclone period from June to November.

The five stopovers to discover with a North America boat rental:

- Annapolis: the capital of Maryland, this town organises world famous boat shows. On dry land, the buildings and monuments of this city founded in 1649 will transport you through the centuries.

- Salem: this small town in Massachusetts is sadly famous for the witches’ trial that took place there in 1692. The place attracts many inquisitive visitors who never regret their time spent in this town with its typical New England architecture.

- Acadia National Park: this part of the Maine coast features Mount Desert Island and the many surrounding islands. It will be the perfect stopover for admiring the wild nature of New England that offers mountains, lakes and moors in a multitude of colours.;

- Cape Cod: this peninsula of dunes and marshes is home to hump-backed whales. On dry land, you will be charmed by the picturesque atmosphere of the village of Provincetown and the beauty of the protected Cape Code National Seashore.

- Miami: the capital of Florida has more to offer than magnificent beaches. With its “Art Deco” neighbourhood, the magnificent Vizcaya garden and museum and the Cuban atmosphere that floats over Little Havana, a stopover filled with new discoveries awaits you.

Offering thousands of kilometres of coastline, North America will allow you to discover natural and authentic landscapes scattered with small towns, the thrilling history of which you will be able to discover during your stopovers.

The three key points to remember for a cruise in North America:

- From north to south, the west coast of North America will allow you to discover extremely varied landscapes.

- In New England, you will sail around the birthplace of the country with its wild beaches and typical towns.

- Florida and the Keys will offer you the chance to sail on limpid waters and take advantage of an uninterrupted view over the luxuriant natural surroundings.