Destination Oceania – Pacific Ocean: sailing to the end of the world 


A wild continent to discover  


Pacific Oceania is actually more than just a region; it is a real continent with many treasures. Australia, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, New Zealand or Tongo; here are just a few examples of the destinations you can discover with your boat rental Pacific Oceania

Australia is a must see 

Australia is an island and also an oversized country offering a lot of possibilities to go cruising: Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane or Darwin are a few city examples to stop by and discover the local culture. A natural jewel landscape stands out from other places; called the Whitsundays islands with a total of 74 islands and located on the East coast of the state of Queensland, you’ll enjoy white-sand beaches lined with coconut trees, exotic small towns and anchorages in incredible places thanks to your boat hire in Pacific Oceania.  

New Caledonia and French Polynesia: a paradise on earth

You may have heard these names already but you will be impressed for sure if you go cruising in New Caledonia and French Polynesia! To sum it up: turquoise-colored water, a deep blue sky, pristine beaches and lush green nature, here is what you’ll find there. Renting a boat in Pacific Oceania allows you a lot, from sailing in the world’s largest lagoon or in the mangroves to discovering a secular heritage and culture.  

The starting point of your boat rental Pacific Oceania is Papeete but feel free to explore further and to sail to the French Polynesia, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where you can discover wonderful places such as Tahiti, Bora Bora or Maupiti, to name but a few. 118 islands composed French Polynesia so you’ll definitely have a lot of options to go on a cruise and experience unforgettable moments, from an atoll to another. 

New Zealand, a wild beauty

New Zealand is just nature in all its glory! Nature lovers will be delighted by the large areas and incredible landscapes of the island. Wellington, New Zealand’s capital is worth visiting and a right mix between Maori culture and modernity. Auckland and its big marina is also a place to visit; you can start by heading to the Sky Tower where you can admire black sand beaches, volcanoes and green forests from the top. You can sail from fjord to fjord on New Zealand’s South Island, from Dusky Sound to Doubtful Sound or Milford Sounds contemplating the shining water reflecting the surrounding mountains.   

Kongdom of Tonga, an unsuspected treasure

This archipelago of 170 islands is not very known yet but it would definitely deserve more attention with its massive amount of sightseeing activities. You’ll be able to sail around the three main islands of the archipelago with your boat rental: Vava'u in the North, Ha'apai in the center of Tonga and Tongatapu in the South. Heavenly beaches, impressive coral reefs, huge volcanoes and wonderful cliffs await you during your maritime excursions. You are more into diving and snorkeling? Wild spots with incredible ecosystem and unique features such as caves, tunnels or shipwrecks are just a paradise! 

Good to know: Pacific Oceania is located in the southern hemisphere which means that seasons are reversed. Some sailing areas may also be located in cyclonic zones, so please check the best season to come before booking your boat. 


Five must-see places to explore with your rental boat in Pacific Oceania:

- Hook Island: this island belongs to the Whitsundays archipelago and is almost an uninhabited island characterized by a lush nature and a sparsely-populated seafloor. Perfect for a snorkeling trip! You’ll find plenty of anchorage areas in small sheltered bays or inlets

- L’île des Pins: this island is located in New Caledonia and is often compared to paradise because of its fine sandy beaches and its blue lagoon with emerald green reflections.  

- Raiatea: this French Polynesia Island is impressive with its vertiginous mountains and vertical cliffs. It’s definitely not for relaxing holidays on the beach. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot swim in coral gardens lined with coconut trees at all. You just need to reach small islands called motu by kayak or boat before jumping into the water. 

- Tauranga: this coastal city is located in the Abundance bay and has an interesting city center with a Maori heritage.  Tauranga is the perfect starting point for any excursions allowing you to discover more about the geological treasures of New Zealand such as volcanoes, lakes, geysers or hot springs.  

- Melbourne: this is Australia’s most cosmopolitan city, located near Port Philippe Bay. Melbourne is the perfect city to discover the Australian history and culture. 

Pacific Oceania is a very rich continent offering a lot of various activities and landscapes. You’ll be pleased by the sailing conditions and the citizens’ behaviors. 

Key points to remember for your Pacific Ocean cruise:

- A trip to Pacific Oceania offers you cruising possibilities in a multitude of countries! 

- The volcanic origin of many islands will give you the opportunity to explore breathtaking landscapes.

-  You’ll be able to sail and swim in very calm waters thanks to the many lagoons and atolls. 

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