Cape Verde, the paradise of the Atlantic Ocean

Cape Verde is an archipelago comprising 10 volcanic islands located off the coast of Senegal in the Atlantic Ocean. It is divided into two series of islands: To the south, the Sotavento ("leeward") islands comprising Maio, Santiago, Fogo and Brava, and to the north, the Barlavento ("windward") islands comprising Sal Santo Antao, Sao Vicente, Santa Luzia, Sao Nicolau and Boa vista. Santiago is the most populous island and alone is home to more than half the population of Cape Verde. The climate is hot and dry with temperatures between 20 and 25°.

Sailing in Cape Verde from Sal Palmeira

In order to make the most of the sailing conditions, we recommend that you visit Cape Verde from January to July and from October to December. The climate there is tropical and semi desert. From the village of Palmeira on Sal island, start by visiting Boa vista island, then go to Maio island before continuing to Praia, on Santiago island and finally Fogo island.

Places to visit in Cape Verde

Departing from Palmeira, a typical fishing port, savour a typical island drink comprising rum and honey. Then set out to visit an incredible natural swimming pool called Buracona Olho Azul. There, you will be able to enjoy an exceptional natural phenomenon: observing the bottom of a hole among the rocks. According to the position of the sun, when the weather is fine it is possible to see a blue eye in the water. You will also discover the salt marshes on the island of Sal, in Pedra Lume, where you can admire the magnificent landscape and also enjoy a massage and a mud wrap. If you like the sea but you hate swimming, remember that seawater is extremely salty, therefore you can just float and lap up the sun. However, if you prefer being active, it will also be possible for you try your hand at some water sports such as kitesurfing, waterskiing and scuba diving.

Then, make your way to Boa Vista, a wonderful island with varied and stunning landscapes. You will move from desert to oasis via vast plains or beaches. Among other things, you will discover an incredibly beautiful beach where you can swim in transparent emerald green water as well as magnificent stretches of sand such as Santa Monica, Verandinha and Chave. It is also the perfect place for board sport enthusiasts who will be able to surf the waves. Scuba divers will be able to set out to explore the beauty of the seabed. And walkers, will find that the summits of the Morro Negro offer a great challenge that promises a stunning view over the island of Boa Vista.

Now, time to set sail for the island of Maio where the beaches of Prai Preta, Paia Real, Pau Sêco, Porto Cais promise you their wild beauty. In Maio, you will have many opportunities to discover the astonishing seabed. According to the season, it will also be possible to see turtles lay their eggs on the beach before returning to the ocean. To the north of the island, set out to discover a small fishing village called Calheta. It offers a stunning bay where you can moor and enjoy a spot of fishing. In this part of the island, you will also find some traditional workshops where you can buy pottery that is typical of the island as well as crafted rugs. Before departing, be sure to pay a visit to the parish church and Maio castle, built to protect the island from pirates.

Time to make your way to Santiago island. There you will find the town of Praia (which means "beach" in Portuguese), the capital and the largest town in Cape Verde. It is divided up into small zones, such as Achada de Santo Antonio, Varzea, Safende and Cucupira that are criss-crossed by a maze of delightful narrow streets. Praia is very lively in the evening and is famous for its beautiful beaches. Therefore, it is the perfect place for taking advantage of the joys of the beach and some relaxation. Also, Praia has a typical market, the Sucupira market, where you will find a wealth of local produce and culinary specialities from the region. At the same market, you will also find typical stalls making and selling traditional tapestries such as Panu di Terra or Babosa.

And, last of all, pay a visit to Fogo island, the most original island in the Cape Verde archipelago! There, you will find majestic volcanoes that rise to an altitude of 2,800 metres, from where you can admire the stunning landscapes. The coast comprises black sand beaches, such as Sao Filippe beach, which also offer interesting diving spots, in particular between Mosteiros and Dacabalaio, where you will find shoals of cod and other fish. In terms of food, we suggest that you sample a good djagacina: A local speciality made with beans that is served with a glass of Manecon.

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The ports in this sailing area

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