Destination : Slovenia

Destination Slovenia: a surprising country 

Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country with a total land area of 20,000km². It is bordered by the Adriatic Sea, Italy to the West, Austria to the North, Hungary to the Northeast and Croatia to the South and Southeast. Rent a boat in Slovenia to enjoy a unique experience in this wonderful Balkan country.

Slovenia, a coastal and Mediaeval country 

Slovenia may not be very well-known for tourism but the country deserves more attention. Slovenia is actually perfect for bathing and idleness thanks to its high number of lakes, rivers, wild beaches and its 46 kilometers of coastline between Italy and Croatia. The history of Slovenia must be mentioned too since it increases the country’s charm: Slovenia is not just about landscapes!

Don’t miss Piran, a small fishing village close to the Italian border, and visit its medieval walls and monuments such as the St. George's Parish Church,the maritime museum and the Tartini Square surrounded by incredible buildings with Venetian balconies. The Punta district on the peninsula’s tip offers a magnificent view on the Adriatic Sea, especially when the sun is fading away. You shouldn't miss Portorož either, a city known for its spa with a very lively atmosphere and a lot of  restaurants, clubs, casinos and luxury hotels. You want to experience a more typical landscape? The Strunjan lagoon, the Sečovlje salt marshes and the ethnographic museum await you in an area classified as a nature reserve which is just breathtaking.

Izola is worth visiting while travelling across Slovenia. Explore the old town, its cobblestone streets and its pastel colorful houses with your boat rental Slovenia before admiring the view on the Adriatic Sea. Next stop is Koper,  a beautiful historical seaside town where you can admire lots of monuments: the Carpaccio, the Column of St Justina – symbol of the citizens’ victory over Turkish people in 1571- the Holy Trinity Church from the XVth century, or the regional museum.

It might be surprising but Slovene is actually not the most spoken language in the country: Serbian and Croatian are largely spoken across Slovenia and young people can also speak English and German, especially in the Pomurje and Upper Carniola regions. Italian is also widely spoken on the coast and at the Italian border.

Explore Slovenian Nature

You’ll discover another side of Slovenia going interior into the country. Large forest areas with deers, bears and grouses, as well as vast mountainous areas with impressive reliefs. All of it  contrasts with Slovenia’s coast. The mountain pasture Velika Planica with its traditional wooden huts is located in the Kamniška Bistrica Valley in the North part of Slovenia, 1,600 meters high.This place is perfect for hiking in summer but also for skiing in winter since it's accessible by cable car.

Important to notice: a huge amount of tourists come to visit Slovenia in July and August. If you prefer calm and relaxing holidays enjoying the seaside and the green, flowery plains, then you should come in the spring or between December and March when you can practice winter sports.

Divača is located in the Southwest where you can discover the mysterious side of Slovenia by approaching the limestone caves of Škocjan, the world's largest underground wetland (6,2 km long and more than 220 m deep). They are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites and considered as a Ramsar site (Convention on Wetlands of International Importance especially as Waterfowl Habitat). It is definitely a place that you should visit with your rental boat in Slovenia! The country is an unknown but prosperous vineyard: viticulture started during the Celtic times! Slovenia has three wine regions: Primorska on the coast, as well as the Drava and the Sava Valleys, in Eastern Slovenia.

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Things to remember before starting your cruise in Slovenia:

- Slovenia offers a lot of different landscapes that you can easily and quickly explore. You can reach some Medieval cities in Venetian style in a very short time from the Adriatic Sea by travelling through green and snowy peaks.

- The climate is for the greatest number suitable: Mediterranean on the coast, alpine in the mountainous areas and continental in the plains and valleys.

- You will always find something you like in Slovenia, no matter what you prefer: adventure or just relaxing and admiring the country.

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