Destination South America: a journey full of discoveries  

Get ready for a surprising cruise 

South America sounds good, right? You may have dreamt about the land of the Incas, the Amazon rainforest, the Atacama Desert or the Machu Picchu, but have you ever thought about South America as a sailing destination? 

A wild vast continent

Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile are bordering the Pacific Ocean in Western South America and, as well as the Andes Mountains, stretching to Cape Horn in the South. Easter Island and its mysterious statues located 3,000 km away from Valparaiso is definitely worth visiting. Don’t miss the Galápagos either; the national park of this mythical Ecuadorian island is classified as a UNESCO’s world heritage site. South America’s East side is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean with two massive coastlines in Argentina and Brazil.  Uruguay, the French Guyana, Suriname and Guyana are enclosed between these two countries and also have a beautiful coastline in the Atlantic Ocean, smaller though. The Caribbean Sea is definitely a sailing area you should explore with your boat rental South America, for example the Venezuelan coastline and Eastern Colombia.  Falkland Islands, located not far from Tierra del Fuego, is the most popular island of Eastern South America. 

Brazil, facing immensity

Brasilia and its unique architecture, Rio de Janeiro and the Corcovado, the emblematic Copacabana beach… Brazil is a sunny country with a unique atmosphere. You’ll definitely find a place to explore with your boat rental in South America since Brazil itself has around 9,000km of coastline. If you had to pick only one Brazilian spot for your cruise, we would strongly recommend you Costa Verde where you’ll discover Brazil’s hidden treasures. 200km of coastline, lush vegetation, uninhabited islets, beautiful beaches and lagoons, that’s Costa Verde! This region is located west of Rio and allows you to drop the anchor on beautiful islands covered with wild vegetation such as Angra Dos Reis. Ilha Grande is another good spot; the vegetation is really dense over there so that you could even think being on a floating forest.  Dropping the anchor of your yacht charter South America in Paraty is another alternative where you’ll discover an impressive architecture. Last but not least: Saco do Mamanguá, a breathtaking emerald green fjord. 

Venezuelan’s hidden charm 

Venezuela might be unknown outside South America but it’s the perfect destination for all boat and cruise enthusiasts looking for new discoveries in the Caribbean Sea with their yacht charter. Margarita Island is a well-known place and actually two mountain peninsulas with rainforest and sandy beaches. A 20km sandy mangrove lagoon is to discover with your rental boat in the center of the island. Stop by Tortuga if you’re looking for a peaceful anchorage spot. The snorkeling spot of Los Roques, in the North of the country, is also worth visiting. Many fish species are to observe in this island chain classified as a national park. 

Good to know: Brazil and Venezuela offer a lot of hiking possibilities.

The five must see places to explore with your rental boat in South America: 

- Rio de Janeiro: don’t forget to visit this Carnival’s city before heading to more peaceful places.

- Praia de Sono: Drop the anchor in this small fishing town at Costa Verde and relax on its beautiful beach.

- Paraty: a typical Brazilian city with a beautiful colonial architecture and a mixed culture.

- Los Testigos: only a few fishermen are living on these 8 Venezuelan islands with an incredible and colorful fauna. 

- Yake Beach: located on the Margarita Island, this beach is a very popular spot for all the windsurfing enthusiasts. 

Wild, lush and colorful nature, golden and pristine beach… you’ll experience an unforgettable journey with your rental boat in South America.  

Three things to remember before starting your cruise in South America: 

- South America is a huge and perfect continent to go on a cruise, especially on the Atlantic coast and around the Caribbean Sea. 

- Brazil and Venezuela offer a vast coastline with lots of cruise possibilities.

- No matter when you are sailing in Brazil and Venezuela, you’ll enjoy a nice and sunny weather.