Destination Sweden: a country with Scnadinavian charm


Enjoy a unique experience in Sweden


Located between Norway and the Baltic Sea, Sweden is a very large country with a total land area  of over 500,000km². That makes Sweden the 5th largest country in Europe. You can explore the country and its coasts in many different ways with your boat rental


With three coasts and two main islands, Sweden has a coastline of over 7,500 km: it's just a paradise for seamen, as well as for fishing and swimming lovers.

● You can find the High Coast in the Northeast part of the country, on the Gulf of Bothnia from Härnösand to Örnsköldsvik.  This UNESCO World Heritage Site is well known for its steep hills and red granite rocks bathering in the glow of the setting sun in the Ångermanland region. You'll be impressed by this incredible view, especially if you see it from the Skuleberget, a mountain dominating the High Coast and classified as a nature reserve. It is just breathtaking! Don't miss Sweden's second highest waterfall, the 90meters high Västanåfallet. Trying to follow bears and beavers closely, canoeing or learning how to fish, a multitude of activities await you on the High Coast. You want to taste a typical Swedish meal? Then go for the surströmming (fermented herring).

● The West Coast is stretching from Gothenburg to the Norwegian border. You'll find  contrasting landscapes while exploring this coast, from wild nature and granite rocks to small fishing villages such as Fjällbacka with typical Swedish red houses. Salt & Sill, a floating hotel and restaurant on the small Klädesholmen island  is easy to reach from Gothenburg (you just need 45 minutes!). A boat rental on the West Coast offers you a large choice of activities and excurions: The Mastrand island is only five minutes away from the coast, the Swedish marine national park Kosterhavet is located on the Bohuslän coast and the Åstol island (next to Tjörn) is well known for its freshly smoked seafood. 


● The Southeast Coast with Västervik, Oskarshamn, Mönsterås and Kalmar - The atmosphre is quite different in this part of Sweden where you can find idyllic sandy beaches and fishing villages, such as the authentic Kristianopel. The picturesque town called Västervik is known for its seaside resort and charming marina. Trosa is also worth visiting: sea as far as the eyes can see from the wooden pontoons, lovely stalls and Swedish meals with a view over the sea...


Good to know: it is very lively in the summer months but it is still not so crowded. That makes it a perfect destination for relaxing holidays on the coast. 


● Gotland -The island is located 90 km away from the coast, on the Southeast side of Sweden, and  is famous for its medieval city Visby. You'll find plenty of restaurants in the city where you can taste the local saffron pancake baked with cream and berries. This specialty is called Saffranspannkaka. You want to get to know the local culture and history? Then visit the island's museum before heading to Tofta and its viking village from the 10th century. Last stop of the island could be the Gotska Sandön National Park, a wonder of nature! 


● Öland – You can reach this island from Kalmar by driving over a 6km long road bridge. Beautiful white sandy beaches, ancestral sites, windmills and the Borgholm Castle...all of it make Öland popular. The UNESCO World Heritage Site Stora Alvaret, a limestone plain with lots of remains, is somehting you should definitely see during your stay on the island. 

Good to know: Despite its Northern location, the climate is actually temperate in Sweden. That can be explained by the Gulf Stream. 

Three places to see with your boat rental in Sweden among all the Swedish treasures: 

● Stockholm -  The capital is just breahtaking! A splendid palace, a fascinating history, lots of museums and an interesting cultural'll like it! 

● Swedish Lapland -  a  unique experience to live with temperatures from – 40°C in winter and up to + 30°C in summer! Nice walks along the fjords, the canyons and Lake Trollsjön, a dog sledding excursion or just relaxing in wild nature and forest... that's just an small overview of Lapland's activities. 

Important to know: The sun nevers sets during summer. On the contrary, the sun never points during winter but it does not mean that you cannot see clear at all. The light is sufficient to see clear a few hours a day  depending on  where you are in Lapland. 

● Dalecarlia- a historic province in the middle of the country!  This region is characterized by wonderful and typical Swedish landscapes like pine forests and also known for the world's largest copper mine. Even if Dalecarlia offers a lot of sightseeing activites, don't miss the Siljan Lake! We also recommend you to visit a typical Swedish village such as Sundborn or Tällberg. 

Renting a boat in Sweden is an unforgettable experience! The highlights of your cruise in Sweden:

- Its proximity to the United Kingdom. You can reach Sweden in a very short time. 

-  The authentic landscapes of Sweden

-  Picturesque villages and local traditions: Sweden history is  fascinating! 

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