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Turkey lies on the edge of Asia and Europe and shares borders with Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq and Syria. It benefits from a Mediterranean climate with a mild winter and a hot and dry summer.

Sailing in the Aegean Sea from Izmir

In Turkey, the sailing season is very long. It lasts from April to November and during this period sailing conditions are best with north-western winds. From Izmir, Coolsailing offers you the chance to sail to Alacati, Bodrum, Marmaris and finally Fethy.

Places to visit

Before embarking, Coolsailing suggests that you visit the magnificent town of Izmir, the 3rd town in Turkey. It is a lively town with busy shopping streets, such as Atatiirk Caddesi street, and Republic Square, a monument to glory and independence. Discover Konak Meydani, a huge esplanade along the gulf from which it is possible to see the city hall and the clock tower. Nearby is Izmir archaeological museum. The building offers three floors, with one floor for sarcophaguses, one floor for Roman busts and marble statues and one floor for terracotta objects. Continue your visit with Kadike Kale castle which offers an excellent view over Izmir. In the same way as Greek towns, Izmir has its own Agora in the Namasgah neighbourhood. An excursion to the site will immerse you in ancient Greece! Next, do not miss Polycarp church, one of the seven churches of the apocalypse. Also, stop off at Kültür Park, which, every year, plays host to Izmir international fair. Next, set your sights on Alacati!
Stop off in Alacati, the charming province of Izmir, a destination that has become very fashionable among Istanbul residents and the trendsetters of Izmir, who enjoy spending weekends there. Alacati is the new "in" destination that could steal the title from Bodrum. Alacati is also the meeting place for windsurfing enthusiasts who participate in competitions there, such as the Professional Windsurfers Association held there every year from 26 to 31 August. Snorkelling and scuba diving are also a must. In Izmir, you will have the privilege of admiring an exceptional plant and animal life, as well as magnificent coves. The charm of this town also lies in its picturesque streets where there is a host of restaurants serving Mediterranean or more traditional Turkish dishes. At night-time, Alacati reveals its most beautiful assets. The watersports clubs become nightclubs that welcome guests who want to party until dawn. However, if you prefer a quieter evening, there are also many more peaceful bars.
Continue your journey with a visit to Bodrum, famous for its frenzied nights, exotic restaurants and energy-packed atmosphere. You will not lose one minute in this town. Bodrum also has historic monuments, such as Saint Peter's Castle, built by a monastic military order, and currently home to the underwater archaeology museum. You will also be able to visit the Halicarnassus Mausoleum, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. For evenings, be tempted by Halicarnas Disco, an open-air nightclub on the waterside with a view over Saint Peter's Castle. If you want to have a drink and do some shopping, we recommend the centre of Bodrum in Cumhuriyet Caddesi and Dr. Alim Bey caddesi, where restaurants, bars and shops vie for place. Once your visit is over, set your sights on Marmaris!
When you arrive in Marmaris, food lovers will be delighted to find many stylish and exotic restaurants as well as small private restaurants. The best well-known is the Sandan restaurant which offers a large selection of delicious desserts. Once you have eaten, you will be able to set out to find some typical souvenirs and traditional products such as rugs. You will find some very beautiful ones at the market, where you can haggle in true traditional style! Another tradition not to miss is coffee. Coffee preparation is a work of art and should be enjoyed with a hookah. A pleasure not to be missed! Take a walk and enjoy the beach, in particular Marmaris beach with its lively atmosphere, or the magnificent Ichmeler beach that offers parasols and deckchairs for complete comfort, Next, take a mud bath in the village of Daylan, and end your day in style with a Turkish bath. For family days out, you will find water parks such as Aqua Dream or Atlantis, which offers its guests a large selection of activities and amusing attractions as well as all the comforts you need for relaxing in the sun.
End your cruise in Fethiye and discover a magnificent seaside resort where you will be able to swim in crystal-clear waters and sunbathe on the paradisiac beach. This town also offers you the opportunity to do some jet-skiing or water-skiing in a breathtaking setting!
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Worth knowing/Advice

Numerous secluded anchorages Smooth sailing conditions in the summer, ideal for cruising. It is possible to sail to the Greek islands (be careful of customs formalities) Soft breezes in the morning that pick up speed in the afternoon Mausoleums and theatres; Byzantine, Greek and Roman temple ruins Preserved archaeological zones Wonderful snorkelling spots  

The ports in this sailing area

Alacati, Ayvalik-Cunda, Cesme, Istanbul, Izmir, Sogut ...


To sail in Turkey you will need: A sailing resume A sailing licence

When to travel?

To be informed of the weather forecast, you can visit the Italian website LAMMA (vento e mare)


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