The Bahamas: Ultimate dream destination

The Bahamas stretch out between the Cuban and Florida coasts. It has 700 islands and 2500 islets scattered over 259,000 km² of ocean. Almost all of the islands are bordered by coral reefs and white sandy beaches, either flat or slightly undulating. It is a true paradise for sailing enthusiasts.

You can visit all year round even if the winter months are the most popular (mid-December to mid-April).

The islands' landscapes vary between dominant pines, palm trees, ferns, mangroves, marshes and gorgeous colourful flowers such as the spectacular Blue Mahoe. You can even find bears on some of the bigger islands. There are also many birds to observe - the 24 reserves are home to 230 species of bird which will delight bird watchers.

On many of the islands, there are huge, majestic water holes which plunge into the ocean and thrust into underwater caves.

Meeting point for golfers

The Bahamas offer a vast playground for golfers. The fairways of its eight golf courses roll across backdrops of greenery, white sand and turquoise waters: New Providence, Paradise Island, Grand Bahama Island, The Exumas and The Abacos. Several are classed as Championship courses and host many competitions.

It is also a paradise for divers and fishing enthusiasts - the archipelago is full of underwater wonders.

Furthermore, it is the perfect diving and snorkelling destination with exceptionally clear waters, warm enough all year round that there's no need for a wetsuit. Divers can marvel at many species such as moray eels, stingrays, turtles, barracuda, swordfish, pike, parrotfish, sharks or even dolphins. For example, spotted dolphins are regularly observed on the Bimini Islands.

Moreover, according to some Bahamians, the "Lost City of Atlantis" can be found off the coast of the Bimini Islands. New Providence, Clifton Wall, Balmoral Island or Elbow Cay are highly recommended for diving and snorkelling.

As well as diving, water sports enthusiasts will have the opportunity to try out windsurfing, waterskiing or surfing. The national surfing championships take place in Freeport (Grand Bahama) in January. The Bahamas are also popular with fishing enthusiasts. The archipelago's clear waters are particularly good for bonefish. Fishing is also possible here, in waters abundant with blue and white whitings, tropical sea bream and tuna.

Many destinations in a single archipelago

This archipelago offers no less than 16 destinations, the main islands being Nassau, Paradise Island and Grand Bahama Island. Those who love untouched nature will prefer the Out Islands, which offer a magnificently preserved beauty. For example, the magnificent Island of Eleuthera is well-known for its pink sandy beaches that will take your breath away. Cat Island, home to the boiling lake at certain tides and which has fuelled many sea monster legends, is one of the few islands in the archipelago to have been protected from tourism.

Nassau is the capital of this heavenly archipelago - this highly American town will surprise you with its colonial charm and coloured houses. However, the archipelago also features less visited destinations such as the Exumas and the Abacos.

You will find most of the boat rental bases in the Abacos. Constant trade winds, relaxed sailing, perfect diving spots, kilometres of remote beaches, many marinas, charming villages and ports, first-class gastronomy and welcoming people make for an unforgettable cruise. It has an immense sailing area and experienced sailors will tell you that the best place for a catamaran or sailing boat cruise is the central part of the Abacos to the north and Marsh Harbour to the south!

Take advantage of the tourist entertainment on the main islands such as Grand Bahama and New Providence, or enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Out Islands. This destination will surprise you both on the ground and at sea, with its high-quality tourism, beautiful fine, sandy beaches, warm, clear sea and diving sites with coral reefs that will take your breath away.

The Bahamas also offer a wide range of beach activities and the people are both joyful and welcoming

Worth knowing/Advice

  • Easy visual navigation between protected anchorages.
  • Don't miss diving activities with sharks, dolphins or rays.
  • Magnificent diving spots and snorkelling along the coral reefs.
  • Surfing and kite surfing spots in crystal clear, shallow waters.
  • High-quality tourism.

The ports in this sailing area

Abacos, Marsh Harbour, Nassau ...


To visit the Bahamas, you will need:

  • Passport which is valid for another 6 months after your return date
  • Return ticket
  • If you have a layover in the US, you will need an ESTA.

To sail in the Bahamas, you will need:

  • Sailing licence
  • VHF Certificate (Restricted Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate)
  • Sailing experience

When to travel?

The period between December and May is best for sailing in the Bahamas.


5-15 knots
5-20 knots


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