Cuba :

Cuba is an insular state in the Caribbean formed by the island of Cuba, the Isle of Youth and a few small islands. This island offers a breathtaking natural setting and, above all, several islands that will delight sailing enthusiasts.

Sailing in Cuba:

The best time for sailing in Cuba is during the dry season from December to May. During the wet season, cyclones pass over the southern coast. We invite you to define your itinerary with Coolsailing, which will help you to realise the cruise of your dreams from Trinidad, setting the course for Cienfuegos, then Havana, next Matanzas and lastly Veradero.

Places of interest in Cuba:

Located to the south of the island, Trinidad is a must for visitors This former centre of sugar cane production, a resource which allowed Cuba to makes its fortune until the crisis which threw Cuba into a deep sleep until the day it was awoken by tourism. While you are there, visit the Plaza Mayor in the town centre, the Palacio Cantero which is a history museum, and take a walk on Ancon beach.

Then, make your way to Cienfuegos, one of the most beautiful towns in Cuba with an exceptional bay and a town with a rich architecture that has earned its recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Be sure to visit the Thomas Terry Theatre, its eclectic style makes it one of the most elegant buildings in Cienfuegos, then the Cathedral of Purisima Conception, as well as the Palacio Azul hotel and the Palacio de Valle, the Palacio de Ferrer, the High School of Cienfuegos, the San Lorenzo Secondary School, the Town Hall of Cienfuegos and the Fortress of Jagua. Pay a visit to the Reina Cemetery, the buildings of which reflect the same neoclassical style of those in the town. There is also a statue of Sleeping Beauty, identical to the one in Genoa, Italy. The Paseo del Prado is lined with beautiful neoclassical style buildings and continues with the Paseo del Malecon which offers a beautiful view over the bay of Jagua. At the end of Malecon, you will find yourself outside the Palacio Azul and the Palacio de Valle in the stylish Cienfuegos neighbourhood.

Next, set your sights on Havana, a city of paradoxes that is both charming and vibrant. The centre of Havana is a UNESCO World Heritage site. One of the main cultural sites in the Cuban capital is the Cathedral of Havana, a monument that bears signs of its Andalusian and Italian influences. If you want to visit museums, the Vedado neighbourhood has many very interesting ones. Pay a visit to the Ernest Hemingway museum dedicated to the author who fell in love with Cuba. Then, stroll around the streets of Havana. Next to the historic centre, you will find the Capitole National with its imposing dome, then continue towards the old town and admire the architectural beauty of the buildings and central squares and, finally, take a walk along the Malecon on the seafront that follows the bay of Havana. Round off your day with an excursion in a Cuban car.

Continue your journey with a visit to Matanzas where you will find the Sauto Theatre. Then, walk through the beautiful and colourful Vigia Square and visit the monument history centre of the Athens of Cuba. Next, make your way to Libertad Park and visit San Carlos Borromeo Cathedral. Do not miss Bellamar cave, considered to be one of the natural treasures of Cuba. Saturno cave will amaze you with its aquatic animal life. Take advantage of the dream setting of Cuba with its incredible beaches. Pay a visit to the beach of the Bay of Pigs where you can enjoy some diving and snorkelling. Then, set your sights on Veraderos.

Stop off at Veradero where the magnificent beaches comprising glimmering emerald green lagoons and white fine sand beaches await you. It is a typical stopover for water-skiing, paddleboarding or wakeboarding in a dream setting and snorkelling enthusiasts will be able to dive in the crystal-clear waters. Nature lovers will be able to enjoy the hiking trails, caves and cave paintings and the plant and animal life found in the Varahicacos ecological reserve.

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lift anchor and set sail for the Balearic Islands! Discover without delay the charm of these exceptional islands where the unique climate is favourable at all times of the year. The magnificent summits of the Sierra de Tramuntana in Mallorca and the magnificent nature park of Albufera des Grau in Minorca will dazzle you! From Sant Josep to Sant Eulalia via Les Salines d'Ibiza, be amazed by the tranquillity and beauty of the northern part of the island, but also by the festive southern part. Finally, take time to moor your boat on the wonderful island of Formentera, which is the smallest of the four main islands in the Spanish Balearic archipelago. It is located south of Ibiza, with which it forms the Pityuses Islands. Preserved, occupied and equipped intelligently by those who love the Balearic Islands, it will offer you holiday snaps that are worthy of postcards.

The ports in this sailing area

Cienfuegos, Trinidad ...


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When to travel?

The best season to set sail in Cuba runs from December to May, particularly the month of April when the weather is more reliable.


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