Grenada is a West Indian island located less than 150 km from the coast of Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago, the capital of which is Saint George’s. Grenada is called the spice island for its many crops of cinnamon, clove, turmeric, mace and nutmeg.

Sailing in the Caribbean from Grenada

Grenada is an excellent departure point for a private cruise in a rental catamaran or sailing boat. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sailor, it will be easy for you to sail around the island before heading to Saint Vincent, Bequia and, finally Mustique.

Grenada, an island to discover

The island of Grenada offers more than 40 paradisiac beaches with postcard settings: Mountains, jungles, beaches... It is paradise on earth. The cultural attraction of Grenada lies in the mixture of its English, French, African and Indian influences. Several religious festivals and other festivals are celebrated there, such as Carnival which is held at the end of July or in August. On certain occasions, Grenada even organises boat races such as during the celebration of Independence Day on 7 February, as well as on Fisherman's Birthday in June. Rum is also one of the traditions of Grenada. We suggest that you pay a visit to the oldest rum distillery in Mount Rose. When it comes to spices, do not miss the “Guyave Nutmeg Processing Station”, the largest nutmeg producer in the island. Discover all these flavours in the local dishes which are prepared mainly with seafood, plantain, sweet potatoes and rice. Some of the culinary classics not to miss: Callaloo soup, prepared with coconut leaves and milk, and oildown, a stew prepared with salted pork. Note: Every Friday, a giant fish and lobster barbecue, called “Fish Friday”, is organised in Gouyave. A delicious treat!

Grenada has a beautiful mountainous relief of volcanic origin that culminates at an altitude of 840 metres: Mount Saint Catherine, an extinct volcano. All the craters of the former volcanoes are now lakes, such as Grand Etang in the centre of the country. Hiking enthusiasts will be delighted to discover the tropical jungle thanks to the many trails that wind around a natural paradise that covers more than thirty hectares filled with a luxuriant vegetation and inhabited by a multitude of animals.

Don’t miss the Concord Falls, three magnificent waterfalls, the last of which offers a natural swimming pool among the dense and untamed vegetation.

What about some beaches? Make your way to the south of Grenada, to Grande Anse beach. It is very famous and very busy. If you are looking for somewhere quieter, Morne Rouge to the south of Saint George’s, promises a more peaceful setting in the heart of a unique landscape. Slightly further south, discover the region of Lance aux Épines which offers a series of very pleasant small beaches. Whatever you choose, you will always find crystal-clear water, fine sand and large coral reefs. With your Grenada boat rental, you will be able to visit the small nearby islands: On the east coast, you will find a series of coconut trees along the beach, to the north Bathways beach and its multitude of coral, and more. Once you have completed your visit, set sail with your Grenada boat rental and make your way to your next stopover: Saint Vincent.

In Saint Vincent, discover the exceptionally beautiful seabed. This island also reserves you many surprises with its black sand beaches and volcanic relief. It is also exceptional for the density of its vegetation and its many waterfalls.

Next, be sure to pay a visit to Bequia with your Grenada boat rental: It is the largest of the Grenadines, a peaceful island that will allow you to savour the joys of white sand beaches and sheltered bays. The water there is turquoise for the greatest pleasure of snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts, who will discover turtles and multi-coloured fish there.

Finally, with your Grenada boat rental, set your sights on Mustique, a magnificent island with turquoise waters and luxuriant valleys. There, you will also find villas belonging to stars and luxury hotels, all in a picture postcard setting!

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