Sailing area: Guadeloupe


Guadeloupe is a territory in the West Indies and a French overseas department that lies between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, about 6,200 km from mainland France. Grande Terre and Basse Terre make up Guadeloupe with several neighbouring areas are attached administratively to the territory.
A magnificent navigation playing field, the Guadeloupe islands (Grande Terre, Basse Terre, les Saintes, Marie-Galante, Petite Terre, La Désirade) offer a wide variety of itineraries and stops, each one more magnificent than the other. With a stormy season lasting from June until November, sailing is particularly ideal from December to April thanks to the trade winds. However, be careful because navigation might be relatively simple on the coasts but swells can be big in open sea between the different islands, and squalls are frequent. Avoid August and September, favourable to cyclones and stormy seas.

Rent a catamaran and sail around Guadeloupe

From our catamaran and sailing boat rental base in Point-à-Pitre in Bas du Fort, the first choice of stopover is indisputably Gosier Island in Grande Terre. It is a superb mooring site along a white sandy beach.
Going towards the East, make a stop in the Saint-François Lagoon. This little village is a pleasant place to stop and enjoy a spot of West Indian gastronomy, have a look around the shops or go to the casino. Make the most of the fishing port or go diving in the lagoon's deep blue waters.

La Pointe des Châteaux a bit further on is a magnificent scene at sunrise.

Once on Basse Terre, on the West coast, make a stop at Deshaies, one of the most typical spots in Guadeloupe: West Indian atmosphere guaranteed. There is spacious mooring area so do not hesitate to stop off there for a night and take advantage of the authentic atmosphere, visit the Botanical Garden and pay a visit to Grande Anse beach, before enjoying a walk along the coast of Deshales. A bit more to the South, don’t miss Pigeon Island and the Réserve Cousteau, a snorkelling and diving paradise. When you are in open sea, to the South of Basse Terre, be on the lookout, whales and dolphins frequently pass there.
Make a stop in the Iles des Saintes
Don't miss out on Les Saintes during your boat rental - one of the most beautiful stops in the Guadeloupe Islands. They have a wide range of mooring sites such the one at the Pain de Sucre or Cabrit Island, but the most beautiful is the Rade du Bourg, one of the most beautiful harbours in the world.  You will discover the view from Fort Napoléon located on the Mire promontory at an altitude of 114 metres. The fort can be accessed in 20 minutes on foot or by scooter.

Sail around Petite Terre

Meet you in Petite Terre for a luxurious stop-over. The mooring, which is a highly protected natural reserve, is calm and the yachtsmen desert it in the evenings. Do not hesitate to spend some time there, in the water with flippers to admire lemon sharks, skates, tortoises, etc. or on land along the paths to see West Indian Iguanas.


Cross over to Marie-Galante

Marie Galante, the deep blue waters of the Anse Carnot, its village, Grand Bourg, its rum distilleries, its long fine sand beaches lined with coconut trees await you for a post card stop that reflects its inhabitants: tranquil and authentic.

The beaches of Saintes

The Pain de Sucre beach has a small bay with coconut trees, ideal for diving.
Pompierre beach is a white sand beach where you can find huts and picnic tables. There are also snack bars and restaurants in the neighbourhood
Grand Anse beach is a 1 km long beach but bathing there is forbidden owing to the strong currents, although it is ideal for kitesurfing.
Fond Curé beach and Terre de Haut Les Sainte beach is a white sand beach to the south of the hamlet and a short distance from the town centre scattered with palm trees and with a restaurant and bar.
Anse Crawen beach is an unusual beach with black sand.

Sailing in the West Indies from Guadeloupe

From our base in Bas du Fort, Point-à-Pitre, you can easily cross to Antigua and then Barbuda to the North or Dominica to the South. The relatively short distances between the West Indian islands make an infinite variety of itineraries possible and are a feast for your eyes.
Wait no more to rent your boat, we can offer several ranges of boats, from catamarans to luxury yachts with or without a skipper. You can opt for a half-board or full-board cruise with a crew.

Worth knowing/Advice

  • Reserve 6 months in advance to have more choice in high season.
  • Numerous coves and bays for secluded anchorage.
  • The catamaran will allow you to get as close as possible to the beaches, enjoy the outdoors, and minimise pitching.
  • Don't miss the Grand Cul de Sac Marin, Les Saintes, Marie-Galante, Pointe des Chateaux or La Soufrire (The Sulferer).

The ports in this sailing area

Le Gosier, Marina Rivière Sens - Basse Terre, Pointe-à-Pitre ...

When to travel?

The best period to visit the West Indies is between December and the end of May. The month of May, which is more relaxed, offers interesting prices for flights and boat rentals.


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