Martinique belongs to the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles.

Right in the middle of the Caribbean zone, the sailing season ideally runs from December to June, with a more favourable period from December to April. If you rent a boat from June to November and in particular between August and October, you might encounter a storm or two on your path! Therefore, we recommend avoiding this period of the year. Even in calm seasons, trade winds blow regularly and although sailing along the coasts might be relatively easy, swells form rapidly once you are in open sea. In addition, frequent squalls demand good forecasting capacity.

Martinique is the perfect island to set sail with your family thanks to its natural riches, its idyllic landscapes and its cheerful and easy-going Creole atmosphere. The size of the Marin marina, the variety of its offer and its proximity to the Fort de France airport with its direct links to France, make it a top choice for sailing enthusiasts who are fond of the West Indies.

Sail Leeward along the Coast

The Leeward Coast extends from Cap Martin to the Pointe du Diamant. To the very North of Martinique, Pearl Island and its submarine walls form a magnificent underwater diving site for diving enthusiasts.

The Saint-Pierre Harbour, dominated by Mont Pelé reaching an altitude of 1,397 m, is a good choice for anyone who wants to drop anchor and discover an authentic village. Discover its market, restaurants and fort. If you are a trekking fan, do not hesitate to find the paths that lead to the volcanic slopes in the middle of lush vegetation.

Further South, the Fort-de-France bay with its regular easterly winds is an ideal stop to stock up on supplies. Mooring is at La Baie des Flamands. The shops, supermarkets and town centre of the capital are easily accessible from there. Discover the Fort-de-France market, its spices, vanilla, wickerwork etc…

Les Trois Ilets, a bay facing Fort de France, is an ideal stop for those who want to enjoy water activities or diving in clear waters with fine sandy beaches.

Finally, stop in the Anse d'Arlet, take a break on its magnificent beach and a swim in its turquoise water at 28°!

Rent a Catamaran and discover the South Coast

Although a strong current makes sailing slow from the Anse D'Arlet to the Cul de Sac du Marin, it is worth the effort to admire the Pointe du Diamant and its magnificent rock.

The Cul de Sac du Marin is an ideal mooring site. It is the largest nautical base in the Caribbean and is also our rental base for our sailing boats and catamarans. It is extremely well-equipped and offers all the facilities and comfort for a successful departure on a cruise or a stop.

Just a stone's throw away, the village of Saint-Anne is a must-see. Its small fishing port, traditional market and magnificent beach make it an essential stop.

The Pointe des Salines, its magnificent beach lined with coconut trees, and its salt ponds mark the end of the South Coast.

Sail along the Windward Coast

Much more rugged and abrupt than the west coast of Martinique, the Windward Coast is lined on its south side with long coral reefs up to the pointe de la Caravelle. You must stop in Trinidad, the only shelter on the north side of this coast, before leaving towards the north of the island up to Cap Martin.

Sail from in the West Indies, departing from Marin

The Island of Flowers is a main destination for sailors in the West Indies. The Marin rental base is an ideal point of departure for discovering other Caribbean Islands that are easily accessible from Martinique: Visit Saint Lucia and the magnificent Grenadines to the South and Dominica, the wildest island in the West Indies, or why not all go all the way up to the islands of Guadeloupe in the north? Take advantage of the closeness of these islands to vary the destinations as well as the different pleasures of sailing.

Worth knowing/Advice

  • Reserve 6 months in advance to have more choice in high season.
  • Numerous coves and bays for secluded anchorage.
  • If departing from Le Marin, allow for a minimum of 10 days to reach the Grenadines.
  • The catamaran will allow you to get as close as possible to the beaches, enjoy the outdoors, and minimise pitching.
  • Not be missed in Martinique: the "Baignoire de Joséphine" (the bathtub of Josephine), la plage du Diamand (Diamond beach), la plage des Salines (Salines beach), and the Trois-Ilets.

The ports in this sailing area

Fort de France, Grande Anse d'Arlet, Le Marin, Les Anses d'Arlet, Marina du François, Trois Ilets - marina de la pointe du bout ...

When to travel?

The best period to visit the West Indies is between December and the end of May. The month of May, which is more relaxed, offers interesting prices for flights and boat rentals.


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