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Saint Barthelemy

Saint Barthelemy is a French island in the Lesser Antilles and is an overseas territory. For regulars, Saint Barts is a must for any cruise departing from Saint-Martin or the Virgin Islands. From Saint-Martin, it will take you just three hours to reach the most modern island in the Caribbean.
In order to preserve the landscape, on the island it is forbidden to build structures higher than the palm trees. Therefore, Saint Barts still resists mass tourism and allows its visitors to immerse themselves in the paradisiac atmosphere. As the island is only 25 km², you can easily sail around it in less than a day. High-end boutiques, jet-set restaurants and bars, Saint Barthelemy remains a charming destination. White sandy beaches, diving and snorkelling spots with sea turtles and spectacular panoramas await you at Colombier Bay.

Sailing in the French Lesser Antilles

The best time for sailing in the French Antilles is between December and April because the sea is calm, the sun is at its peak and the wind is favourable. The wind is relatively regular and blows between 15 and 25 knots, which makes sailing easy. With your catamaran or luxury yacht, you will be able to sail from beach to beach and from mooring place to mooring place.

Places to visit


Gustavia, the island's capital, is Saint Barths' natural port. Located on the lee side, it is sheltered from strong gusts of wind. In the high season, between November and March, it is often difficult to find spaces at the port in Gustavia. The famous "Voile de Saint-Barth" is organised in March every year. These competitions bring together more than 1,000 sailors from around the world for a 5-day regatta attended by some major names from the sailing world. Don't miss this fantastic site if you are lucky enough to be there. However, please note that the port of Gustavia is out of bounds during this week. On the other hand, you'll be seduced by the atmosphere in the port, invaded by crews of every nationality who party until the sun comes up.
When visiting Gustavia, do not miss the Anglican church and Place de la Rétrocession, which was recently renamed as a tribute to the island's return to France after 93 years under Swedish rule.


Corossol is about 2 km north-west of Gustavia and is a fishing village that has remained loyal to the island tradition. There, you will see rows of peach orange and blue boats as well as shellfish pots. The women work their crafts and make baskets and hats which the place outside their houses to attract buyers.

Colombier Bay

Colombier Bay is in the north of the island and, because it is a nature reserve, it is forbidden to drop anchor there, but you can attach your boat to one of the many mooring buoys. This bay is very popular with turtles that you can see early in the morning. You can also enjoy the beautiful beaches with clear water, multicoloured fish and white sand. It is one of the most beautiful places to moor your boat in Saint-Barths.

Saint Jean

Saint Jean is in the busiest part of the island and extends as far as a bay lined with a white sand beach. You can swim there in turquoise blue waters well protected by the reefs and it is ideal for diving or windsurfing.

The North Bay

North Bay is the most developed and built-up coast of the island with extremely luxurious hotel complexes. As the island is protected, its hotels blend seamlessly with the landscape. However, be aware that the airport is not far away - it is therefore forbidden to swim or moor your boat in this area. Although it is the most urbanised place on the island, it is nothing compared to the constructions for mass tourism in Saint-Martin.
It is important to take account of certain things when sailing in this area, such as boating licences and the rates for certain mooring points. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information about these points.
To sail around Saint-Barths, Coolsailing advises you to rent a sailing boat, catamaran or yacht with a crew departing from Saint-Martin, or request a charter to depart from Saint-Barths.
Do not hesitate to contact us for your boat rental. It will be our pleasure to help you.

Worth knowing/Advice

  • Light trade winds all year round with stronger gusts in June and July.
  • 3 hours away from Saint Martin.
  • Calm waters.
  • Don't hesitate to go ashore and visit the island.
  • Direct flights from Paris to Saint Martin.
  • The wilder island of Anguilla is only a few miles from here.

The ports in this sailing area

Gustavia, Saint Barth ...


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When to travel?

The best time to sail is from December to May.


5 - 15 knots
3 knots


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