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Saint Martin

In the heart of the Caribbean, the island of Saint Martin is an extraordinary destination that is a mixture of Creole, French and Dutch culture. Surrounded by the Atlantic Sea and the Caribbean, the 88 km² French-Dutch island is a must when cruising in the Caribbean.

On the French side, Saint Martin offers magnificent beaches lined with palm trees and a discreet and authentic atmosphere. A turquoise sea and white sand as far as the eye can see: everything is there to ensure you an unforgettable stay!

On the Dutch side, you will find the perfect cocktails for partying: nightclubs, bars, casinos, restaurants and many shops. A radically different nightlife just a few kilometres away.

The centre of the island is much less visited by tourists and there you will find typical villages dominated by Creole culture: religion is very present, the gastronomy is typical and the hilly and lush landscapes are breathtaking.
Important point when renting a motorboat: Saint Martin is a free port and fuel is tax-free, so fill up on the island before setting sail. You will also be able to take advantage of the duty-free system to buy tax-free items!

Sailing in the sailing area

The coast of Saint Martin offers many paradisiac beaches on both sides of the island. Coolsailing recommends that you take time to tour it and to enjoy every cove and every beach. The surrounding waters are generally full of fish which you can admire when diving or which you can savour after a spot of fishing.

It is possible to rent a boat in Saint Martin from Marigot if you arrive by plane on the French side. But there are also other ports and bases where you can rent a sailboat, catamaran or motorboat.

Many itineraries are available from Saint Martin, including:

Saint Barthelemy, the incredible island that is popular with the jet set, but which, nonetheless, is very charming and authentic; barely a few miles from Saint Martin, Saint Barts is a must if you are sailing in the region.

Anguilla and its fabulous bay, its fine sand beach and its crystal-clear water, the perfect place for snorkelling and discovering the multitude of fish that inhabit the coral reef. Also discover Rendez Vous Bay, a romantic beach where you will be able to relax and enjoy the sound of the Calypso played by local musicians.

Other boat itineraries are available to you from Saint Martin. Head for the Virgin Islands to the west, or to St Kitts and Nevis, and Barbuda or Guadeloupe to the south. Saint Martin remains a leading destination at the heart of the most beautiful itineraries in the Caribbean.

Places to visit

Saint Martin is packed with magnificent sites to visit by boat or by road. Among the various sites on the island, Coolsailing recommends the following:

Marigot: the French capital of Saint Martin is a must when staying on the island. The morning market (Wednesday and Saturday) is an extraordinary experience that offers a mixture of aromas and colours and a festive atmosphere. We also recommend the Old Saint-Louis Fort, as well as the Sur la trace des Arawaks Museum, which retraces the history of Saint Martin. If you prefer taking advantage of the turquoise sea, there are some magnificent scuba diving spots around Marigot.

Grand-Case: located north-west of Saint Martin, Grand-Case is a magnificent typical and authentic village that comprises beautiful wooden houses built along the only road on the island. The beaches are paradisiac and renowned for diving.

Oyster Pond: On the Dutch border of the island facing St Barths, Oyster Pond is a very pretty port lost among the vegetation. The marina is particularly pleasant with its bars and restaurants that offer a stylish and peaceful atmosphere.

Philipsburg: The Dutch capital of the island is well worth the detour. Great Bay beach is one of the most beautiful on the island, but, above all, the town is the perfect place for shopping and nightlife. Many boats dock in Philipsburg to take advantage of the festive atmosphere that is so appreciated by Americans and Europeans.

The Butterfly Farm on the Gallion road: visit this extraordinary tropical garden where you will see hundreds of types of butterflies and protected species collected from all over the world.

If your boat excursion allows it, take time to discover other extraordinary sites, such as Pinel Island, off the coast of Cul-de-Sac, Anse Marcel and Orient Bay. You will not be disappointed!

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Worth knowing/Advice

  • Reserve 6 months in advance to have more choice in high season.
  • Numerous coves and bays for secluded anchorage.
  • The catamaran will allow you to get as close as possible to the beaches, enjoy the outdoors, and minimise pitching.
  • Suitable for experienced sailing enthusiasts.
  • Offshore navigation or sail in sheltered waters.
  • Stopovers possible in Anguilla and Saint Barths.
  • Stronger trade winds in winter.

The ports in this sailing area

Fort Louis, Lonvilliers, Marigot, Oyster Pond, Saint Martin ...


  • Sailing licence
  • VHF Certificate (Restricted Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate)
  • Sailing resume

When to travel?

The best period to visit the West Indies is between December and the end of May. The month of May, which is more relaxed, offers interesting prices for flights and boat rentals.


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