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1. 10 Good reasons for renting a boat

Coolsailing boats rental

Spending time aboard a boat means travelling with the people you choose and in complete privacy. Your programme will include friendliness, relaxation, and even thrills.

Setting sail means choosing a different way of discovering new destinations: let yourself be lulled by the thousands of stories told by each country's coast.

Leave your everyday life behind; it's time for a holiday. The ebb and flow of the sea and the changing skies are the only risks for navigators.

  • Fall asleep and wake up with a sea view
  • Marvel at the sunset with your toes in the water
  • Take a dip in the water after waking up
  • Feel like the king of the world as you sit at the bow of the ship
  • Be able to scream "Raise the mainsail"
  • Get close to dolphins and flying fish
  • Take a dip in the water after breakfast
  • Finally be able to call out "All aboard!"
  • Discover idyllic coves, or have the privilege of feeling like the only person in the world
  • Spot a sea turtle? Just put on your mask and flippers to follow it around!
  • Lie down on the catamaran's trampoline and be comfortably suspended above the water
  • Take a dip in the water before going to bed

If you have other good reasons, share them with us: clients@coolsailing.com
Set sail now!

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2. Choose your holidays in the water

Our combinations

What better way to explore a country than by sea, just like the great explorers?

Faced with the number of boat renting websites and the wide variety of offers, we will help you sort through all the choices so you can choose the right one for you.

Motor boat rental with or without a skipper

1.1. SOLO: You are a navigation expert

Boats hold no secrets for you and the sea is your favourite playground. With your boating licence and your sailing resume in hand, all you have to do is choose a boat that fits well with your chosen destination: the model, size, equipment, beds, the sail, and of course, the price. Work with us - we will fulfil all your wishes.

1.2. WITH A SKIPPER/HOSTESS: You want to be assisted

You love the sea and have some experience, or you simply wish to discover a new way of travelling with your family and friends.

Choose your destination and the boat in which you wish to embark, and our partners will put you in the hands of one of their professional skippers.

As captain, he will take control and steer the boat based on the itinerary you will have agreed upon with him. He will provide you with tips on the most beautiful sites, the best restaurants, the best beaches and the best harbours. Depending on what you wish, he will either be discreet or participate in life on board. Your only obligation to him will be his meals.

Besides the skipper, you can choose to have a cook or a hostess to help you with every-day tasks or cooking on board.

Renting a boat with a crew

Do you want to let the crew take care of everything? Then renting a boat with a crew is your best choice.

You are no longer just choosing a boat; you are also choosing its crew. Permanently aboard, they know the boat inside out and will make your life easier.

1. Half-board

Do you prefer to have a certain freedom regarding your sailing schedule so you can adapt your programme as you desire? The half-board option will allow you to get off the boat and discover the endless possibilities offered at every stop, and have the comfort of dining aboard every evening.

We will propose an itinerary for you, but the captain will be at your disposal to fulfil your requests based on the route and the weather.

Besides the boats and the destinations, other options can be offered with a supplement fee for even more comfort (beverages, full board, nautical sports, recreational tugging boats...).

2. All-inclusive

Do you want to get away without any constraints or even a compass? Then all-inclusive cruises are made for you. Meals, beverages, stopovers...everything is included!

All you have to do is come on board and let yourself be transported by the waves. The only questions you will ask yourself: should I dip or should I dive? Water-ski or paddleboard?

Finding the right destination,
The right time and the right boat

The new Coolsailing website has been designed to meet all your needs and demands, whether your plan has already come together or is a current work in progress.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself and where to find the tools to answer them:

Where to go?

  • Are you looking for turquoise waters, charming coasts to sail along, intimate inlets, or to navigate the deep blue ocean?
  • What type of holiday do you have in mind: rest and relaxation, sporty, retrospective, sunny, discovery?

Find all the information you need to make the right decision in our destinations pages.

Classical or off the beaten track? You will be able to examine the options that are available to put your trip together thanks to our cruises pages where you will get a peek of the possible itineraries.

When to go?

  • You have concrete dates but you are not sure which destination would be best?
  • Are you open to finding the best offer available?
  • Do you have a destination in mind but are unsure of the best season to go?

Find all the information about your destination and find tips and advice tips and advice about where to go based on the season.

Here are some ideas:

Come aboard and sail to the sun in the middle of winter by renting a boat and heading to the West Indies - Caribbean.
The Mediterranean offers a multitude of magical spots in every direction you go: The French Riviera, The Balearic Islands, Greece, Croatia ou encore Italia.
The Southern Mediterranean is just as pleasant after the summer, right before autumn, or even before the summer, towards the end of spring.

Get off the beaten track and head north... Par exemple en Suède, l'archipel de Stockholm est merveilleux avec toutes ses petites îles, ses petits pontons en bois et sa nature très protégée.

Depart from Trinité sur Mer or Crouesty and navigate close to great sailors in the Gulf of Morbihan in Brittany.

If you are looking for a good opportunity, take a look at all of our deals organised by destination.

How to choose your boat

boat rental sailboat
boat rental yacht resized
boat rental catamaran resized
  • You want to set sail with your friends, family, or sail away on a romantic getaway but are not sure which boat is best for you?
  • Do you prefer technical performance, or do you prefer comfort above all?
motorbeaot rental resized
boat rental holidays gulets
boat rental gulet resized

We rent monohull sailing boats, catamarans, motor boats, schooners and luxury yachts (Sail and Motor). We are at your disposal to provide you with details of every boat we offer.

Extras and services aboard


Do you have some sailing knowledge and would like to improve, or are you a beginner or even an experienced sailor but don't want to be responsible for a boat and crew? Whatever your profile, you can always request the services of a skipper.

His role: manoeuvring and looking out for the safety of the crew and the boat

Discreet and fully qualified, he knows the navigation zone and takes you to the most beautiful coves, the wildest anchorages or the most popular ports to please your every desire.

If you are up for it, he will be a great instructor for either a first sailing lesson or a refresher course.

Hostess and/or cook

Take advantage of the hostess service for total relaxation. She will take care of the cabins as well as snacks or breakfast. Certain partners provide a hostess who can also help with the preparation of the meals.

If the boat allows, you may choose to have a hostess or a cook

Meals aboard a boat with a crew

On certain boats, you will have the half-board option (breakfast and lunch or breakfast and dinner) or full board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The hostess will prepare your meals aboard.

Before your departure, you will receive a preference list so the service provider may have a better idea of your tastes, expectations and needs. We can communicate menu options for certain service providers.

A beverage supplement fee is sometimes offered: you have nothing to think about.

Supplies – on-board grocery delivery

You have chosen to be completely free and independent - simplify your departure by filling out a supply list. Your groceries will be delivered to the boat on boarding day at the time of your choice. Payment will be made upon delivery.


Marinas are not always easy to find for the uninitiated. Before your departure, remember to ask for a baggage transfer from the airport to the marina. Remember to ask for a transfer after your arrival by aeroplane. Our partners will provide you with competitively-priced taxi or mini-bus services.

Leisure activities

Boats are normally equipped with flippers, masks and snorkels: it's time to explore coral reefs and follow turtles.

You will be able to ask for diving equipment such as an oxygen tank, compressor, and pressure regulator at certain destinations. Keeping this in mind, have your validated diving certificate handy.

Boats with paddleboard and/or kayak equipment are usually available to rent on site and on demand.

Remember to book your fishing equipment now. You can add more to your list while having fun.

Nautical motorsports

Water-skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing...thrill seekers will have a great time.

Let us know what you wish to have on board so we may offer you the right boat.

How to book?

Booking process on the coolsailing website

Coolsailing - How to book a boat

We will be at your side through every step of your reservation so you may zero in on the best choice of boat for you.

We are always looking to improve our services. Do not hesitate to let us know about your experience by filling out a satisfaction survey upon your return.

To find all information regarding your reservation, you can go to Your Account, send us an email at clients@coolsailing.com or call us at +33 1 55 39 03 49. We will be happy to assist you.

Who are we?

Since its establishment, it is clear that sharing a passion for navigation and travel is the vocation of Coolsailing's team. Confident of its value, Coolsailing has taken a new turn after 15 years of existence, and has aligned itself with the group Skiset Holidays. A young and qualified team welcomes you to a new website, ready to introduce you to new partners!

Our knowledgeable Coolsailing consultants will be with you every step of the reservation to share valuable information and give you the best advice.

Because we want to assist you in your project, and because we know that all travellers and sailors are different, we have reworked our website to streamline your search.

It is not always easy to find a reliable boat rental site in a foreign country, or a region you do not know. Our role is to help you choose your top destination. For this, our website is at your service information on countries and navigation zones. This category is regularly updated and evolves according to the news we wish to share with you.

Based on the idea that the quality of a company comes from its partners, we know that once you have reached your destination, the qualified teams of our service providers will take over in order to welcome and assist you with our same energy and pleasure.

Our main objective is to show uninitiated persons a new way of travelling, and give them a taste for sailing. The second is to be there to help experienced sailors fully immerse themselves in their love for the sea.

What we offer: Expert advice, reliability, assistance service, a careful selection of our partners and a guarantee of the best price.

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Insurance proposed by coolsailing

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This is why Presence Assistance is the best intermediary to assist and protect you and your deposit in case of boat damage during your trip.

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Travel agencies, companies

Workshops, training, product launching, custom-made trips...

COOLSAILING, a long-standing player in online boat rentals since 1998.

  • A fleet of sailing boats, schooners, yachts perfect for workshops, team building, Incentive trips, promotional tours, corporate or private events.
  • Custom-made offers
  • A choice of over 70 destinations
  • Fast answers adapted to all budgets

Our latest offers

  • Company regatta for 20 people, a weekend departing from Marseille – from €200 per person.
  • Schooner Workshop, 3 days on the Turkish coast – from €1500 per person
  • Grenadines Cruise, 7 days aboard a catamaran for 8 people – from €1130 per person.