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      Schooners Rental

      The schooner is the perfect compromise between traditional sailing in the Adriatic Sea and pleasure cruising. Historically used to transport goods, in naval wars and for cod fishing, schooners, caiques and gulets are like the Swiss army knives of the seas. These crafts with sails and wooden hulls have at least two masts and can have up to seven masts. The principal features of the schooner are its triangular sails, or “shoulder of mutton” sails and two different types of mast: the main mast and the foremast. It is very well known for its impressive manoeuvrability and its low crew requirement. Today, caiques are very frequently fitted with a powerful engine and can thus achieve an average speed of approximately 9 knots (16km/hour). In general, your gulet rental with Coolsailing will include the services of a captain, a chef, a sailor, and a hostess. Depending on the size of your gulet and the range it comes from, the crew may be larger so that you can enjoy all the pleasures of a real cruise.

      The interior is designed with your comfort in mind, with spacious cabins equipped with a private bathroom and even individual air conditioning in the most luxurious schooners. Nowadays, these floating palaces come with all mod cons: TV, telephone, fax, fridge, freezer, etc. On the decks, the large relaxation zones and the outdoor lounge are an invitation to spend lazy hours under the sun, interrupted only by a swim in the sea. For the more athletic, it is also possible to have a range of "water toys" on board including: paddle board, kayak, water skis, wakeboard, snorkelling equipment and many others. Perfect for a family holiday, schooners are completely safe for children and offer larger games areas than other types of sailing boat. Groups of friends will also be delighted with gulets featuring 8 or 9 cabins.<

      Destination-wise, a schooner is the perfect boat for a rental in Greece, Croatia or Turkey. Sail from one mooring to the next along the rugged Mediterranean coastline whilst enjoying traditional meals prepared by the on-board staff, with a wonderfully isolated cove for your surroundings. Schooners are so easy to manoeuvre that you can navigate a narrow Calanque and the narrow channels between two islands. Skilfully marrying the pleasures of sailing and the comfort of navigation with an engine, it is therefore the ideal boat for venturing close to heavenly places that are unattainable by other means.

      There are lots of rental locations for caiques, schooners and gulets around Athens and the Dodecanese islands in Greece, as well as Split and Dubrovnik in Croatia, and Bodrum or Fethiye in Turkey. From these places, you can set out to discover locations that are inaccessible without a boat, as well as natural landscapes, historic cities and magical archaeological sites. The charm of a schooner really comes into its own when combined with sumptuous panoramic seaside views.

      Coolsailing's rental packages are tailored to your desires and needs: all-inclusive packages for a fully managed, relaxing holiday, full or half-board offering greater freedom of movement for holidaymakers in search of discovery and day trips onshore. These flexible packages are your guarantee of an amazing pleasure cruise where everything has been thought of.

      Renting a gulet guarantees an authentic cruise and unforgettable moments in the Mediterranean's turquoise waters as a family or with friends. Wait no more! Hire your gulet now with Coolsailing.

      Discover our gulet rental destinations in Greece, Croatia or Turkey.