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      Motor boats Rental

      Power, semi-rigid or cruising catamaran, this motor boat is an easy-going way to sail. No more problems steering and no more need to depend on the current or the wind – just sail where you want, when you want. Renting a motor boat offers you freedom and the pleasure of a holiday on the water, while avoiding all the drawbacks of sailing.

      You can rent your motor boat with a professional skipper or even with a crew, and if you have a boat licence, you can also rent a boat on your own (see our pages on individual motor boat rental, motor boat rental with a skipper or motor boat rental with a crew).

      We offer a wide range of motor boats, with basic to sophisticated equipment levels. We hire boats equipped for leisure activities, so you can practice water sports off the coast, as well as boats with varying degrees of sophisticated technology to guarantee your peace of mind when you depart on your holiday. Our wide range of motor boats has something for every budget, however, you should ascertain the fuel consumption of the boat in order to plan your fuel budget. The boats come in all sizes and power capacities to adapt to your needs during your holiday.

      With a lower draft than a monohull, the motor boat can be sailed close to the coast, giving you easier access to beaches. Whether for walking, fishing, playing sports or sharing new experiences with family or friends, you can do it all with a motor boat.

      Hire a power catamaran if you dream of cruising with family or friends, as this boat really does offer enough living room for your group. The advantage of a power catamaran is simple – it frees you from the restrictions of the sail, wind and current, for a sportier sailing experience.

      Another star performer here at Coolsailing is the semi-rigid boat. It is suitable for sailing in a group and for scuba diving, water skiing and fishing trips. This boat combines power and a lightweight construction for day trips.

      With a cruiser boat, you get great stability for sailing as a group. This boat sails along the coast without any bumps caused by the waves and current, which is why so many people love this pleasure boat.

      We also hire luxury yachts, for the ultimate combination of comfort, sophistication, safety and stability. Perfect for group or family trips as well as for sunbathing off the coast. The true luxury a different kind of holiday.