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      Sail Catamarans Rental

      The large, stable catamaran consists of two hulls linked by beams supporting a central nacelle which is normally the living area, whilst the cabins are usually located in the hulls. A roomy cockpit and high ceilings allow you to move about comfortably!

      Thanks to its two hulls, the catamaran glides to dock, avoiding the rough bumps that can tire those who have not yet acquired their sea legs. You can move around on the deck or cook in complete safety, even while sailing! Much of the time, a catamaran is faster than a monohull, as its movement is lighter with less drag in the water. The point of multihulls is to go faster since the slimmer hulls reduce water resistance and improve stability.

      Featuring spacious decks and a roomy cockpit, as well as large cabins (often with cutting-edge fitted cabins), accommodating even young children on your family cruise is no problem.

      Jumping into the water is easy from its low hull and rear platform. Paddling after breakfast, jumping off the deck, swimming between the hulls or down to the anchor: your children will soon find their sea legs!

      The catamaran drifts as close to the beach as possible thanks to its weak draft. Navigating from cove to cove along the Caribbean coasts becomes child’s play.

      Furthermore, their large freshwater tanks and equipment such as solar panels and desalinators guarantee you complete autonomy whilst sailing, particularly in the Caribbean.

      With its combination of comfort, speed and stability, a catamaran rental is a different way to sail and one that you’re going to love.

      Alone, with a skipper, hostess or chef, the catamaran is available as part of any rental package (see our Boat Rentals with a crew, Rentals with a skipper or individual rentals).

      Although more expensive to rent than the monohull sailing boat, the catamaran can be sailed on any type of sea or ocean. Even if it doesn't go quite as fast, it is perfect for sailing itineraries to discover the coastline, for pleasure cruising and for relaxing holidays with family or friends.

      Discover all of our catamaran rentals in Croatia, France, the West Indies and the Caribbean, Greece and the Balearic Islands.