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      Monohull Sailboats Rental

      The closest thing to a traditional sailing experience, monohulls are the most authentic sailing boats. Despite all of the new equipment evolutions and the fact that they have different sails, uses, dimensions, hulls and keels, the principle of these vessels remains the same.

      Renting a monohull sailing boat allows you to enjoy the pleasures of sailing and navigating with the wind: speed and thrills are guaranteed. It reacts quickly to commands, both from the engine and to the sail, and can easily sail with the wind. This type of boat is vital in particularly rough navigation zones.

      Full-batten mainsail, mainsail on a reel, tiller, steering wheel, spinnaker or gennaker - the equipment available and characteristics are different on each monohull boat rental and vary from one boatbuilder to another. This large range of monohull sailing boats can be adapted to all sorts of sailing profiles, including experienced sailors or beginners, whether your priority is comfort and well-being on board, or technical equipment and performance. Sailing boats for cruising are genuine floating homes - the best choice for comfort, safety and thrills - as you tack the world's oceans feeling as free as a bird.

      Navigation problems can also change from one route to another, or from one destination or time of the year to another. The wind turns, the sea gets a little changeable... Don't hesitate to take a look at the destinations page on our website (France, Greece, the West-Indies and the Caribbean, the Balearic Islands and many other destinations) or ask for our advice.

      Although not as wide and less spacious than the catamaran, the monohull sailing boat does nevertheless have its advantages. Its list offers real power in the face of strong winds, and the lightweight monohull is easier to manoeuvre and change tack, for example. As such, the monohull sailing boat is ideal for your sporting adventures on the water!

      You can choose to sail solo, with a skipper or with a crew (See our pages on solo Boat Rentals or with skipper, and Boat Rentals with a crew. Don't hesitate to ask these professionals about learning any sailing techniques or discovering their favourite spots off the beaten path

      If you are a beginner or a little unsure, you can also rent a monohull sailing boat as part of a flotilla – the ideal solution to safely learn the joys of sailing.

      Young or slightly older children will quickly get used to life onboard a sailing boat. Feeling the wind in the sails or the boat gliding across the waves and helping out with manoeuvres – every aspect of sailing will quickly become a complete joy for beginners.

      Find out more about our monohull sailing boat offers in Croatia, France, the West Indies and the Caribbean, Greece and the Balearic Islands.